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 The Official Rules of the Forbidden Underwoods 
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Post The Official Rules of the Forbidden Underwoods • Posted: Sat May 09, 2009 3:06 pm
Welcome to the Forbidden Underwoods initiate! I can see by your confused look you are wondering where you are. That is normal for a person who has only stumbled upon the greatest Zelda forum in the entire world. But where are my manners? I am Darth Citrus, your humble benefactor and administrator.

Some history then! The Forbidden Underwoods are the official forums of Exploding Deku Nut. Here you will find adventure, excitement, interaction all beyond your wildest dreams! Within these hallowed walls lie some of the most singular members of the Zelda Community. As a small forum, everyone quickly gets to know each other in an environment that I have tried to maintain as friendly and civil. If your intent is peaceful interaction with our denizens then I welcome you with open arms. However should your actions be evil then I will have no hesitation in cutting you down cur.

In a perfect world only the following rule would be required among the members of our fair Underwoods:

Don’t be evil. If you’re a respectful member of these hallowed halls, generally you won’t have any problems. Just respect others as yourself and most of the time everything will be fine.

But due to previous incidents, I bring before you a full list of guidelines and rules to ensure your stay here is pleasant, both for yourself and the current members.

The Charter of the Forbidden Underwoods

Originally drafted at a hundred and twenty eight pages, this charter of rules was once considered my magnum opus. However with some persuading from our local scholars I was convinced to shorten it both for clarity and sanity sake. The rules of the forum are split into three sections. Regulations, Warning and Banning.


Avatar and Signatures: Avatars may have a maximum width of 150 pixels and a maximum height of 200 pixels. Your signature can be made up of images, text, or a combination of both. Multiple images are allowed but please ensure that no single image exceeds a height of 350 pixels. If your signature is deemed to be too large we will ask you to make appropriate changes. No inappropriate images/text allowed of course.

Resurrecting Topics: We have had a few problems with this in the past, so rather than skirt the issue I shall address this right now. Do not resurrect topics that are older than three months from the last post. Start a new topic instead. For welcome/goodbye topics, please do not resurrect topics that are older than 1 month from the last post.

Shoutbox Regulations: Please note that only BBCode is allowed in the shoutbox. Anything else will not be recognized. The following code is NOT permitted in the shoutbox: [image], [quote], [list], [flash], [size] and pretty much anything else that breaks the shoutbox.

Name Changes: If for some reason you are not satisfied with your chosen name you may request a name change from myself. However you cannot change your name again for another year so make sure you like your new username.

Warning Rules

Alas, with certain actions a simple slap on the wrist is not a sufficient response. These are the “Warning Rules” of the forum. Both the moderators and I will warn members if the following actions are observed; however if the member still persists in their belligerence they will be issued a “Warning”. Placed on their personal record each member will be allowed two warnings before they are expelled from the community for duration of time. Warnings cannot be manually removed, but will expire after two months assuming no additional warnings are given during that time period.

1. Continually breaking forum regulations outlined above. We are pretty patient with most things and if you’re having problems with the size of your signature we’d be happy to help. However if you’ve been told several times to stop breaking the shoutbox and you continue, you’re going to get a warning. Period.

2. No Spamming: This confounded contraption has permeated everywhere in our good society. In the email, on our websites, even in kitchen cupboards. I hate it and I almost had to shut down our excellent boards because of it. No spamming. If you are unsure what is considered spam, give it the EDN test of death:

a. Can your post be deleted with no consequence to the topic discussion?
b. Does your post add nothing except for random words or simple agreement?
c. In the shoutbox: Are you posting multiple times in succession with no one else in the conversation?
d. Are you using an excessive amount of emoticons? Especially the animated ones?

Special Case: In the shoutbox, please do not post lyrics or have a "lyric battle". We've had cases of this happening when everyone else is trying to have a conversation. This also includes memes. Spam, don’t do it think of the children!

3. No Off Topic Posts: We aren’t as strict as other forums regarding this rule, so generally one or two off topic posts will be allowed to slide. When a whole topic becomes derailed however, we will step in and either tell people to get back on track or lock the topic outright. In short, off topic posts are not the end of the world, unless it becomes frequent habit.

4. No Suicide, Self Hurting or Pity Topics: This is not a self help site; this is a Zelda humour site. Starting a topic to discuss you potentially cutting or killing yourself is not acceptable. It’s not that we don’t care, but we simply do not have the skills or training to help you. Please find a proper site that can help you with your problem.

5. No Harassment/Flaming other Members: There’s a fine line between simple tomfoolery and harassment. If we feel someone is being harassed we will step in. We are less tolerant of this than breaking the other rules, so please respect your fellow members of the Underwoods. Debating is one thing. Just throwing in insults is another. If people are becoming upset because of your actions, we will step in.

6. No Excessive Arguments: Not everyone is going to agree with everything said, that is to be expected. However when a disagreement becomes an argument then we have a problem. If you must have your altercation with someone, please use the Private Message system or your own Instant Messaging Program. If we receive a complaint from either party we will step in and ask both sides to stop it. If we feel the argument is becoming detrimental to the forum we will step in and ask both sides to stop it. It is not acceptable to have this argument spill into the forums when it should be settled between the two parties in private.

7. No Plagiarism: People put hours of work into their layouts, avatars, signatures, fan fiction etc. Therefore we do not take kindly to people who take other peoples work and claim it as their own. Don't do it.

8. Removing/Tampering with a Mod Edit: I’ve hired these moderators for a reason, and if they’ve edited your post they’ve done so for a reason. Moderator edits are done in a different color than the post and if they are tampered with or removed the member will receive an instant warning. No excuses.

Moderators are also given the permission to impose a temporary ban in place of a warning, provided the length does not exceed three days. This is up to the individuals record and the moderator instating the ban. All bans of this type can be overturned without argument by the administrator, and a warning applied instead. Members are expected to heed the warnings of the moderation staff. Blatant disregard can lead to more serious action.

Banning Offenses:

In the most extreme scenarios a member will be expelled from our community, in some cases permanently. Here are the guidelines for banning:

1. Racking up three warnings on your record. You will be banned for a week to think about your actions and how you can improve your behaviour on return to the Underwoods.

2. Asking to be banned. Don’t try this, even in jest. Ban length can vary from 30 minutes to a month depending on the mood of the moderator/administrator.

3. Racist/Sexist/Any other –ist Posts: Harassing people because of race, religion, gender or ethnic origin is NOT ACCEPTABLE. You will be banned, permanently.

4. Posting inappropriate pictures or links: This should be common sense. Posting any pornography, links to pornography, or any images deemed inappropriate by the management here will result in a permanent ban.

5. Joining the forums simply to harass/spam/troll. We don’t look too kindly to people like this. I’m looking at you Spamslot. Permanent ban.

6. Continually attempting to circumvent any of the warning rules that you have been repeatedly warned about.

Well, that was quite a mouthful wasn’t it? I tried to cover as much as I could to ensure order is maintained. Please keep in mind that all Moderators have permission to act using their own discretion, especially for items not specifically spelt out here. If you feel you have been unfairly treated by a moderator please present your grievance to me via the private message system.

Ah, but life here is not all about rules and regulations. There are rights and privileges upon joining our fair society

Your Rights as a Forum Member

1. The right to freedom of opinion and expression. You have the right to express your views without fear of percussion on these boards. Please keep in mind that violating the rules is not exercising your right.

2. Complaints and Concerns. In running both the Forbidden Underwoods and Exploding Deku Nut, I listen to the concerns of forum members more frequently than normal viewers. You also get so suggest improvements and hacks to install of the forums. Fun!

3. Chances are with an internet this big, someone here will become rich and famous. Wouldn’t you like to tell your kids that you rubbed elbows with X before everyone heard of him? You know you do!

4. Advertising. Forums are the best place to get the word out about anything you’re working on, be it a website, work of fiction, or artwork. Just post it in the correct forum.

And that’s that. Please remember these guidelines as you interact in the Underwoods. These rules are subject to change at anytime. With that, welcome to the Forbidden Underwoods. It’s tomorrow’s forum, today!

-revised May 9th, 2009


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