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 Getting a dragon's fork 
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Post Getting a dragon's fork • Posted: Thu Nov 07, 2013 12:35 am
Hello! Due to a certain decimal that never ends/repeats, I have decided my second thing on the forums (third if you count signing up) should be a role-play. please note: the only experience with this I have is RPGs like Pokemon and Chrono Cross. Anyway, story time! Faron, the water dragon, is sitting in her hall chatting with Justin and Treecko, who have helped in protecting the forest from those that wish it harm. Suddenly, Faron grows serious and asks Justin and Treecko (J&T) if they would do her a favor. " And what might that be, mistress Faron?" Justin asks. "Just before you showed up, some Bokoblins stole my favorite spoon, and took it to the Forbidden Underwoods. Would you kindly go get it please? That spoon means a lot to me, it's like your father's compass." the water dragon explains. "No problem mistress Faron! Believe me, I wouldn't want to lose something that special." He says as he walks out of the hall and towards a part of Faron Underwoods he was never allowed to explore. After taking one last listen to Faron Underwoods cheery music, he steps inside with Treecko, who barks, meaning "bet you we get trapped as soon as we enter, if I'm right, you have to introduce yourself to someone. Seriously, you need to be more social with things other than animals." "But animals are cooler than people, and so are Deku-scrubs." As the two friends walk inside, they become trapped inside by a wall of brush. "ARE YOU PSYCHIC OR SOMETHING? GOOD BISCUITS AND GRAVY! And I've had me some good biscuits and gravy*snickers*. Well, we can focus on leaving after finding mistress Faron's spoon." Justin said as they proceeded into the forest.
OK, enough story, now the role-play part. If you have yet to post for the story you must submit a character sheet like the ones for J&T below. Other than that just follow the Forbidden Underwoods rules, the story can go from forests to space for all I care, but if I mention in {this style} we need to get serious and start continuing towards getting the spoon.

Name: Justin Belmont
Age: looks 14 but is almost as old as Faron the water dragon
Weapon(s): Red sword(his sword) and Starfury, a sword that was forged with the fury of the heavens, and can launch magic stars. The Megaton Hammer, found in an old adventurer's tomb, along with Pegasus boots and a mirror shield. It has a powerful punch, but is kinda slow. Blast shield, a combination of bombs and the mirror shield he "found" while grave robbing, which he wouldn't do. On contact with a shield bash expect to be met with a nice explosion, which luckily for his opponents, has a cool down time about as long as the blast mask. Combat Cross, basically the same weapon Gabriel/Trevor Belmont has during their Castlevania games, Justin re-made this weapon from its pieces scattered in the shadow plane and focuses on juggling his opponents before smashing them back into the ground. Molten Hellfire, A bow similar in properties to Palutena's bow, the only difference being the appearance and elements: the molten hellfire is fire based, hence the name. It can light wooden arrows ablaze and shoot controllable arrows from it's string, which can be turned mid-flight by moving the bow around. And he can use his fists/feet/magic abilities if necessary.
Appearance: the elf in my avatar but with a strap running above his left shoulder and under his right with a quiver on the back and his two short swords hanging on his belt at his sides.
Personality: dislikes people but is very sociable with animals. He was raised a knight and taught to always have honor, which reflects in his fighting style: he tries to match his opponents weaponry or have a disadvantage in that area. he also speaks politely if he wants to and prefers to stay away from people he doesn't know. however, he will jump in and protect an "innocent" from harm, in anyway shape or form. he is also very protective of things close to him. he loves the rain and anything natural, his best friend is Treecko.
Skills: magic, all types except dark
double fencing: can fence from both sides with both swords, at the same time (something I can do in real life)
can imbue certain attacks with elemental magic (i.e. crystalline wall = earth magic)
has combo attacks with Treecko, which are explained with him.
Ability: MHR (Mana Health Regeneration). for every "point" of mana he has, he gains an additional "point" of health regeneration, up to 100 extra "points" per 5 seconds. Makes up for low defense and attack.
Hyper mode(s)^:Armadillo armor, gives him abilities of armored armadillo, minus cheap laser spammage, reduces all elemental weakness to just Thunder.
Treecko's "adapters" explained with Treecko.
Weaknesses: Fire (can put out with goggles/water); Thunder; Shadow
Main element(s): Grass/earth; Light

Name: Treecko
Age: same as Justin Belmont
Weapon(s): Teeth and claws, nature gave wolfos sharp, carnivorous teeth and claws, and Treecko uses them to their fullest potential. Aura pulse, explained in skills.
Appearance: The wolfos in my avatar, and yes that is a leaf tied to his tail.
Personality: Generally instinctive, but also tame, Treecko met Justin during his knight training and soon became fast friends. Treecko shows concern for his friends, but also sympathy for their troubles. He also doesn't trust people like Justin, due to most contact with them ending in him getting shot at (poor wolfos). Justin tied a Mana Leaf to his tail, both to recognize him in a pack and to enhance a skill available to all wolfos: Aura Pulse, which is generally too weak to be an attack without the leaf.
Skills: Anything a forest wolfos can do
Aura pulse, a pulse of the strongest power: the power of ones spirit.
Special "Great fairy" powers;
Tre-coil: lets him launch Justin high into the air, where he then comes slamming down into the ground.
Tre-jet: Treecko crouches and forms a magic solid platform on his back and gains the ability of flight, which only lasts 5 minutes.
Ability: Blood lust: deals double damage if the target is severely wounded.
Hyper mode(s)^: Tre-buster adapter%: fuses with Justin to form a werewolf-like cross of the two. contains wolfos abilities and hand-claws can shoot laser claws forward that can be charged
Tre-Jet adapter%: Same as Tre-buster but can't charge and can fly for a brief period before requiring a landing.
Tre-power adapter%: Same as Tre-Buster but more bulky and range is limited but more powerful, hence the name
Tre-speed adapter%: Same as Tre-Buster but less bulky and no laser claws, but can move at sonic the hedgehog speeds.
Tre-super adapter%: Combo of all above "adapters" see side note.
Weaknesses: Fire; getting hit in the tail; ice
Main element(s): Grass/earth; shadow

^ Hyper modes are super powerful versions of your character that can only stay active for a short amount of time (play Megaman X Command Mission to see what this is.) MAX 5 MIN 1. invincibility lasts for less time than normal hypers.
% These are special great fairy gift powers blessed to Treecko by a great fairy (duh) after use of one another cannot be used again for a long time, also super adapter's recharge time for use of "adapters" is doubled.
Jeez that was a mouth full. anyway, if and when you use the character sheet basis, do not include side notes. That's about it, you can jump into the story anytime you wish. Enjoy and try to be funny!


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