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 Life in Hyrule RPG! 
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Post Life in Hyrule RPG! • Posted: Tue Nov 09, 2010 5:49 pm
Alrighty, I was interested in doing something like this, as some of you may know. I figured a zombie apocalypse would be a little too "adult themed". Especially since I've been watching "The Walking Dead". Anyways, this is going to be a little different of an RPG. It's gonna be a little more of a... Sims like style. Everyone can join at anytime. Here's the story:

This RPG will take place in.... Ocarina of Time. Most people on here have played it. So this will sort of reflect the other lives in the time of the game. We will start before Link starts his quest. And if successful, we can do this up and through the end of the game.


1. No stalling the story. Anyone found stalling the story will be RPed accordingly.

2. No canon. Characters like Link, Ganondorf, Zelda, and any other NPCs are off limits. It wouldn't be fair for someone to get to play them while someone else doesn't. This is a "behind the scenes" RPG, essentially.

3. No controlling other characters. Pretty straight forward. Things like your character and another person's went to the shop together is a no-no. Simple things are ok, but a big action is not allowed.

4. No killing another character. This leads to complaints, flaming and other things that are not fun to put up with. You can kill another player's character, as long as you have their permission.

5. You can have two characters only. One is your main character, another is a sub-character used to advance plot or another character's development. These sub-characters must die at some point or are never heard from again. They can be anything that falls into the template. They can interact with each other or other players.

6. No god modding or other alternatives. No character used should be god-like. They are simple ordinary people. They shouldn't be able to fight off an army of Stalfos. Link couldn't even fight off an army. Be practical.

7. Other forum rules still apply.

8. Out of character dialogue should be shown in parenthesis. ( ) Things said in a character's thoughts should be italisized, and words spoken in a different language should be bolded.

8. Have fun

Note: I will mess with the item/money system to see if I can work it in. I will give an update post when I decide to implement this.

Here's the character template:

Race: (Hyrulian, Kokiri, Goron, Zora, or Gerudo)
Occupation: (Castle Guard, Mechant, Traveller, construction worker, etc.)
Backstory: (Please include a fear, a want/goal, and where you currently live, and if you have a family)


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Post Re: Life in Hyrule • Posted: Tue Nov 09, 2010 5:55 pm
Name: Guille LeDouche (Don't ask)

Age: 18

Race: Hyrulian

Occupation: Thief

Traits: Lazy, fast reflexes, suave with the ladies (when he wants to be), greedy, and a good actor.

Backstory: Guille was born of a poor Hylian family. They lived in a shack near Kakariko with some other poor families. He made good friends who learned to steal food and money together. One night a group of soldiers captured everyone in their community, Guille managed to escape by slashing at a guard with his knife (it was his father's trusty knife that he was given on his 12th birthday...he named it 'Rose'). He escaped only to learn that all of his community was put to death, including his parents. He spent a year in sadness, rarely eating, stealing whenever he felt like it. One day he met a travelling circus and he tried to steal from one of the clowns, only to find that the clown had stolen everything he had in the process. After a series of events, Guille joined the circus as a trapeze artist and clown (also a poster boy for the teenage girl demographic :D). He learned hidden skills of thievery and fighting from the Clown, and befriended a young Musician named Kenji (who was the clown's son). After 4 years with the Circus, Guille went off into the land of Hyrule on his own to seek out a fortune and a simpler way of life....

Theme Song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5_LxyhCJpsM (there's swearing)

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Post Re: Life in Hyrule • Posted: Tue Nov 09, 2010 6:04 pm
Name: James Ralph
Age: 31
Race: Hyrulian
Occupation: Merchant - General Goods Store
Traits: Intellegent, witty, insightful, full of wisdom, values loyalty and honesty
Backstory: James has always lived in Hyrule Castle Town all his life. His father before him was a merchant and everything he learned was from helping or watching his dad. When he was 21, his father passed away due to an illness. Two years later he met his future wife. Lillia, when she came in to his shop one day. In a few months they were married and had two kids, a son, Charles, and a daughter, Julia, respectively. James has been teaching Charles how to take over the shop when he's older. He also is fearful of losing his mother, who, as doctors have diagnosed, "doesn't have much longer."

James woke up in the morning and walked down the stairs of his home. He kissed his wife and kids. He then headed down the road to his shop. He saw a man patiently waiting for James to open the door, and by the looks, he wanted to buy.


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