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 Bring On the Art!! 
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Post Bring On the Art!! • Posted: Mon Feb 15, 2016 12:47 am
Heya! This is an idea that came up in the chatbox to help those of us who love creating, but aren't very good at churning out content. Was a little concerned where to start this up since if original content were to be added then, well... Where would this end up? So for now, just setting the topic up here, and if non-fan works end up in here, oh well. (A duplicate topic in the other sub-forums would also be close to dead right off the bat. Everything crammed into one active thread where everything can be seen seems better, imo.)

Anyway, so. Idea hoarders. We make stuff up, and just never get the motivation or energy to actually create and post what comes to mind. We just keep the ideas in our heads, sometimes sharing them out loud, but never doing anything to actually show them.

The purpose of this thread is to get us off our butts and make comics, stories, sketches, character introductions, what have you. But just a little at a time. Where we start doesn't matter. It can be in the middle or the end, even, as long as something is posted.

Got a drabble on flowers coming to life and attacking a neighbor? Bring it. Have a half-formed idea of a story? Bring a few sentences. Are you starved for inspiration and have nothing? TEAR INTO SOMETHING CAFFEINATED AND ART IT UP!

(Give it a week, I'll post something soon.)

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Post Re: Bring On the Art!! • Posted: Tue Feb 16, 2016 6:07 pm
A quick scene in alpha from "Enter the S-mash World" that has now been scrapped. Might bring it back in without the dialogue, though. We'll see.

Setup: After finishing an assignment by Master Hand, Ven's been getting involuntarily bounced around different worlds. This is early on in the arc so she isn't as irritated as she will be later. It's a running theme that she sometimes interferes with something important to the world's plot, and leaves before anything comes of it.Her equipment included a few items from different series. The most blatant thing is a copy of Shadow's skate shoes (horrible at coming to a stop, it's like Mewtwo physics). Might switch this out with boots that allow one to run faster. Probably better in the long run. Her equipment *used* to a combination of familiar weapons and accessories. Replaced the skate shoes with the boots idea.

Since it's going to be a bit before I can straighten out the plotline more, I'm throwing this out there. Need to shake off as much rust as possible anyway.


In the following world, the first thing Ven noticed was white.

A lot of white.

The buildings surrounding her were right out of a golden age of prosperity. They reached towards the sky, sunlight making the walls seem glossy. The streets were cleared of garbage, and the cool wind carried the scent of the sea. A few people loitered about, as if there was nothing better to do.

Ven lifted her arm and looked up which world she had landed in this time.

When the information scrolled across the watch face, she opened her mouth, then closed it. She repeated this several times, unable to come up with anything.

For everything she knew, this was just wrong. She had been sent out to test a potential S-mash candidate and maybe - if she could - find a decent stage for the leading hand to replicate.

But this world made no sense. Kongo Bongo had been understandable going by Master Hand’s reasoning of connecting worlds through similarities. Actually, going by the main domain presiding over the current world she was in, her winding up here could be understandable, too.

To an extent.

However, it still stood that Nintendo-based worlds were the norm to expect seeing considering Master Hand’s track record, or at least the track record in her home world.

So why was she in Soleanna of all places?

She couldn’t understand it.

But she could understand bad plot writing. She wouldn’t have put it past Crazy Hand to drop her into this particular world for a few giggles, like some newbie fanfiction writer.

So help that hand if she ever got her...hands...on it. A few select Bio Cards wouldn’t hurt either.

With nothing much better to do, Ven began to amble down the roads in search of her next marker. According to the watch, it was about a half-mile away. With her luck, the warp point marker was probably on the other side of the city in some back alley.

More buildings were passed, some finally becoming shorter than the seven- or so story ones she had seen so far. They were starting to branch out from the bleach white of the first ones she'd seen, throwing much needed splashes of color into city. A man wearing a Sonic hat sprinted by. His arms were held straight out behind him.

Ven halted, staring at the strange man as he rounded a corner at the next intersection. She laughed to herself. Soleanna certainly drew in the strangest people.

"Sonic? Oh... No." The voice was high-pitched, and vaguely familiar. Ven raised an eyebrow, and followed the path that the running man had taken. On the other side of the building was a short creature. Pink hair, hair dress, quietly bemoaning the absence of her "darling Sonic". Following a hunch, Ven cleared her throat. The other girl's head turned to her, wide green eyes meeting her own.

“Excuse me," said Ven. "Are you...Amy Rose?” Amy fully turned to her, hands unclasping.

“Yes, but...who are you?” she asked.

Ven smiled. “Ven Brooks. Long story. I was wondering..." Ven curled her fingers a little, bracing. Down the way, a wave crashed into the pier, rocking the sailboats tethered there. "Would you ever let another girl kiss Sonic?”

The hedgehog was quick to tense up. “What did you say?!”

Ven waved her hands as if to ward off the suddenly protective fangirl. “Whoa there! Not me! Although, I know there must be some girl who would want to.”

Amy huffed. “I won’t ever let a girl kiss my Sonic!” she announced, placing her hands on her hips.

Ven smiled. “Good,” she said. “Make sure to keep after Sonic, you hear me? As far as I’m concerned, you’re the canon girlfriend.”

She blinked. “What? Um... Thanks?” she said.

“Later Amy,” said Ven. She gave a half-hearted wave and started walking back towards the warp point marker again.

“Oh!” Amy cried. “Hold on! Have you seen Sonic?”

Ven stopped, turned her head to face the other teenager, and shook her head. “Sorry, can’t say I have. Although remember, Sonic’s blue, Shadow’s black and red, and Mister Argentum No-Pants is silvery. See ya.” She waved again, and made her way down the street.

“Wait a minute!” called Amy. Hurried footsteps closed in behind Ven immediately after. She upped her pace to a jog.

“Sorry! I’ve got to go help someone!” she said, and didn’t stop for anything the pink hedgehog had to say. Instead, Ven paused briefly enough to tap her heels together, whisper fly three times, and start running. In seconds, the wing designs on the sides of the boots flared to life. She floated a couple inches over the ground, momentum carrying her forward. She glided over the paved path, leaving the girl behind.

As much as Ven was rooting for her, she had no desire to stick around in a doomed timeline. She had promises to keep and questions to ask when she got back to the nexus.

She sped alongside the piers, shivering at the chill wind whipping past. Slowly, as if moving through water, she brought one leg forward, keeping the boots active. Finally, Amy's voice fell into silence. Ven leaned back, slowing down. The wings faded and Ven landed on the ground, bringing one foot in front of the other, as if she'd never stopped. Walking again through the winding streets, her mind wandered. It didn’t take much to keep track of the blinking icon on her watch. Through a pair of doors, over a grassy plain. It was quiet. She didn't mind.

It took a good fifteen minutes of searching to find the marker. The cloud of white sparkles greeted her at the edge of a lake, a ways off from the city. She walked to the warp point and stood inside of it. The lake faded, as did the smell of the forest and the chirping of birds.

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