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 Hyrule Castle: Unique and Original Zelda Role Playing Site 
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Post Hyrule Castle: Unique and Original Zelda Role Playing Site • Posted: Mon Aug 01, 2011 8:18 pm
Well hello everyone, I wanted to post real quick and tell you all about my role play that I have called Hyrule Castle. First, I want to set this up by saying that I have been the Administrator at a very good Zelda RP site for about four years now, the original one was called Hylian Shield. It was fun, got featured in a gaming magazine which you can see here: http://i171.photobucket.com/albums/u294/jamesd2k7/Picture008.jpg.

Anyway, Hylian Shield went on a good run, but ultimately faded out because I and a few other staff had to go on a two year hiatus. It was complicated and well, caused the site to die. Well now that I am back, I have created Hyrule Castle.


Now Hyrule Castle is unique. Unique because we have created our own map of Hyrule that is unlike any of the games, and we also have our own backstory and history to Hyrule. To see the map, click on the following link: http://hyrulecastle.net/images/newmap.jpg

To understand the story you have to understand the geography of Hyrule. Hyrule is split in two by the mountains and the Eastern Sea, these two parts are Northern Hyrule and Southern Hyrule. Northern Hyrule is the home to Hyrule Castle Town, Lon Lon Ranch, and many other towns and cities, while Souther Hyrule, which was settled more recently houses Kakariko Village, and other towns. Well, fifteen years ago, Ganon and his armies invaded Southern Hyrule, completely taking it over. This pushed many hylians into hiding in the Caves of Southern Hyrule, some of them even seeking refuge with the Gerudo people. Shortly after taking over Southern Hyrule, Ganon set his gaze on Death Mountain, the home of the Goron, hoping to take it over and use it as a fortress to further his advance on Northern Hyrule, leading him to his ultimate quest of capturing Princess Zelda and her Triforce piece.

Although the Goron's held their city for three years, Ganon was ultimately victorious. Shortly after taking over Goron City, and while making preperations to march on Northern Hyrule, Link, the Hero of Time confronted Ganon in his fortress. No one has heard of Link since, and while Ganon has not made his advance for many years, evil still remains. Was Ganon defeated? Was Link killed or captured? It is not really known, all that is certain is that Southern Hyrule remains under the control of Evil.

However, the King of Hyrule has recently set forth a plan to liberate Southern Hyrule, hoping to eventually vanquish Evil from there and Death Mountain. This has begun with the construction of a town, Impa, which will be used as a harbor to send ships filled with soldiers to the Southern shores, whos mission is to re capture one town at a time until the Hylians are returned to their homes and the Evil of Ganon cornered in Death Mountain. Will they be successfull? Only time can tell, but it will take heroes like yourself to ensure that it is.

To see the full story, click on this link: http://forums.hyrulecastle.net/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=38

So anyway, what do you think? We hope to see a few of you there!

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