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 American Civil War: 150 years later 
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Post American Civil War: 150 years later • Posted: Sat Apr 16, 2011 6:48 pm
Sorry I couldn't post it on April 12th when I should have, but I had school and a ton of homework on that day so I was only able to post this article on one site.

Today is 150 years after the beginning of the American Civil War. Also called The War Between the States. For those of you that don't know about the war, let me explain.

In America's Presidential Election of 1860, There were 4 different people running for president. The North supported Lincoln while the South supported Breckinridge (I think that was his name). Anyway, Lincoln won the election. The South was completley angry about this. They thought that they didn't have a voice in the election. This was the last straw for South Carolina. It seceeded from the United States. Other states followed too. It wasn't just the election that caused it, but there were a ton of things that the North and South were disagreeing about. The secceding states were:

South Carolina

These states formed the Confederate States of America. In the South of the coast of South Carolina (I think) there was a military fort called fort Sumter. The South had captured it in December 1860 (I think) and claimed it was theirs because it was in their territory. Then on April 12, 1861, the South opened fire on the fort. The fort was low on weapons, so they couldn't fight back. The South had won that battle, and the American Civil War started. It was the most bloodiest war in American history. Even worse than WWI and WWII. I think that there was around 360,000 on the North, and over 200,000 on the South. After that, four more states seceeded:

North Carolina

Now, not all of the slave stated seceeded, there were a few border states (slave states) that stayed in the Union. I remember there was Maryland, Kentucky, and Missori. There were also fifty western counties of Virginia that were loyal to the Union. These fifty counties became West Virginia.

This is a place for your disscussions. Do you think that it was right for there to be a Civil War? Or do you think that they could have worked it out another way.


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Post Re: American Civil War: 150 years later • Posted: Mon Apr 18, 2011 6:46 pm
Ahhh the Civil War. This is one of my finer discussion topics.

To address your questions:

Do I think it was right to have a Civil War?
-No. Wars are not good and people, a lot of times, many innocent people, die. However, that war did reforge the American dream. It did strengthen us into a better nation. Without a doubt, if this war never happened, we wouldn't have later been the powerhouse we became. Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying the number of lives for this country is justified by our later outcome in global politics, I'm just saying that this scar is still one felt even in our modern society. 150 years later, we are still seeing subtle effects of the Civil War.

Could there have been an alternative to the Civil War?
-Doubtful. Negotiations could have continued but I have high doubts that the Civil War would be inevitable. It may not have happened in Lincoln's presidency. For all we know, it could have occurred in the 21st century and the country would now be divided.

Also, if I remember correctly, West Virginia was formed when Virginia seceded, but wasn't it a border state? I seem to remember four states were, but I can't remember the fourth one. But I think it was West Virginia.


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Post Re: American Civil War: 150 years later • Posted: Wed Apr 27, 2011 3:55 pm
Oh right. I forgot to post my own opinions >_>.

The Civil War wasn't right. It broke up families, killed over half a million, ruined industry, etc. After the Civil War was over, the South's economy was completley ruined. When slaves were freed, there was a whole new race that had to have jobs and an education.

I would say that there was no other way around the war. There were so many disagreements between the North and the South, there was no way to avoid a war.

I have a question though. If the South seceded from the United States, then how is it a Civil War? A Civil War is a war between a country and itself.


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