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 The history of the 'Underwoods. (Read first post please) 
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Post The history of the 'Underwoods. (Read first post please) • Posted: Sun Jan 31, 2010 7:16 pm
Well, it was suggested one night between a few of us, and everyone agreed. We need to make a time-line of the forum. I'm the oldest member of the site, aside from Darth, and I can only remember so much between the 4 years (February 06, 2006) I've been Here.

If you have something to contribute to the thread, please feel free to speak. DO NOT GET OFF TOPIC. It'll make it easier on whoever has to write the story later.

We're shooting for major events here (I.e. Darth Honeytoast, Spambots, Hyrule Trivia, The Great Migration (of the forum), My account being hacked while I was at work, and other considerable stories. Please post stories with dates. The date should be descript or at least in the general time frame of when it happened.


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Post Re: The history of the 'Underwoods. (Read first post please) • Posted: Fri Feb 12, 2010 10:33 am
I'll throw in a few things here. First there have been 5 iterations of the Underwoods so far.

1: Initial Proboards forum no one joined
2: First phpBB2 forum. Notable members: Dinker, Linker, Informer of the Sages, Athrolink
3: Forum Crash and Reinstall. Notable members: Leinator, The Wolfess, Colette the Chosen, Linkisdoomed, Deku Lord
4: Server Lag Fix and Third Reinstall. Notable members: Tetromino, ZE, LH, Yaz
5: Switch to phpBB3. Notable members: DP, Zet, Cirus, Ben.

So yeah, that's how I remember these things anyway. I should try uploading an old backup one of these days, just to read the old posts. :P


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Post Re: The history of the 'Underwoods. (Read first post please) • Posted: Fri Feb 26, 2010 6:42 pm
I'll just leave this here...


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Post Re: The history of the 'Underwoods. (Read first post please) • Posted: Wed Mar 17, 2010 10:38 am
I have a PM from an amusing timeline thread gone pseudo-flame-war by mods.

InformeroftheSages wrote:
Seeing as this is the second time you started the Tingle topic, I just thought I'd let you know:

The Forbidden One was flaming and spamming you in the new Tingle topic you created. I ended up having a debate with him, in which I guess he got embarrassed, because he deleted all of our posts so no one could see. I however, knew he was going to do that, and was periodically saving our conversation.

Since you created the topics, I believe you have the right to know what really happened. This is how the conversation went:

The Forbidden One:

This is a stupid topic and it's spam... hes not the key to anything.


This is not a stupid topic.

Just because you don't agree with other forum members does not make it stupid. It is certainly not spam. He is theorizing, and wants to discuss about it. Granted, he probably shouldn't have created another topic, but he is certainly correct in the fact that the other topic was filled with a series of useless posts. That's spam.

You don't have to agree with other forum members, but at least respect their opinions. If you can't even do that, then don't post.

The Forbidden One:

Respect MY opinion, and that's that this is a stupid topic.

I seriously doubt hes gonna cry over what I say. And if anyone gets offended then they are over sensitive.


No. We try to maintain a friendly enviornment here at EDNF. There is no need for you to make fun of anyone's opinions, even if you don't agree with them. Keep your negative comments to yourself and don't post them. The only thing you're doing now is spamming.

You yourself have a link to the forums rules in your signature.

"No Flaming. flame (fla-lame) n. An insulting criticism or remark meant to incite anger, as on a computer network. This board is for discussion about Zelda and other topics. It's meant for all the fans to have a good time. Likewise there will eventually be someone that you don't agree with. Their comments, values, ideas, whatever. If it is on this board suck it up and deal with it maturely. Any insulting comments about someone, someone's post, values, etc will be dealt with severely. If you have been flamed, please do not flame back and start a war. PM myself or a moderator and we'll deal with the situation. Abuse of this rule will get you banned. "

End of discussion. If you want to continue this arguement with me, then we're taking it away from the forums.

Just thought you'd like to know.

Dated Wed Jul 19, 2006 8:10 pm

All of this because I fielded the thought that perhaps Tingle was key to the timeline in some way.

Also gives some insight into what kind of people the old mods were.

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Post Re: The history of the 'Underwoods. (Read first post please) • Posted: Tue Sep 28, 2010 8:27 pm
No one has posted in this topic for months? Really? Wow...

In the recent light of my introduction of Saplings Day, I think now is better a time than any to try to get a comprehensive history for the boards. I'm not sure how many of you will care, but, well, go play with the nuclear clams :O. Nasty Mod is Nasty... or something.

On the EDN Facebook Legion, which I recommend any of you with Facebook should join, I started a discussion called the 'Eras of EDN' or something to that effect. I will repost it here with adjustments and edits of any errors I had before. I hope this will spark others to contribute whatever they can, be it memories of these eras or just specific events, dates, or well... anything you'd like that pertains to EDN and how it has become what it is today! :p

The Eras of EDN:

I joined in March 2007, a time where, if I can say such a thing and not make it seem insulting, the Forbidden Underwoods was a bit in a slump. I can only rattle off a few names that predate me that were active relatively often when I joined that first day. Since I was not around any earlier than Fall of October, I may be missing some important names here. These are the members who were active when I first joined.

Darth Citrus
The Forbidden One (rarely)
Leinator (sp) (rarely)
A few newbies I can't recall that never stuck around.

In my mental dating of EDN eras, I name this the 'Dark Era'. I believe it might have been Kameron's reasoning to do HT to bring in new members to maybe stick around. But I can't know for sure. Heck, I could even be wrong, perhaps this was a high time for the Underwoods. After all I really didn't stick around until a few months after!

Now beforehand with all the posts that existed prior to March 2007, I call this the 'Old Era', where people like The Wolfess, MoniMoney10, InformeroftheSages, and other older members still prowled the Underwoods. Sadly I never got to meet any of these people, I wish I had, just for a brief moment at least.

And to the age of 2007, with Hyrule Trivia being its awakening, I sometimes call the 'Golden Era' of the Forums. This is where a few members that still hang around today came into the picture, some for HT and some just for kicks.

These people of the 'Golden Era' included:

Nean (Mr. Goron and before that known as Happy Mask Salesman)
Banished Link
Hylian Cookie (Link64Master)
Near the closing of the year, Deku Lord/DarkLink229/Zender (whatever you choose to call yourself next man :P) made a return

I might be missing a few, but oh well. If I have any of you listed in the wrong era, I apologize, just point it out and I'll get on to adjusting for the errors!

I personally believe that this group of people brought a new flavour back to the forums. Now you could sign on and expect there to be new posts rather than entirely brown bottles throughout. I remember these days best, I may not miss them, but I remember them quite, quite well. Posts were up, activity was up, and it began a bit of a, lack of a better word, clique, among members.

What I affectionately call the 'In' crowd of members at EDN (creative aren't I?), the most active, easy to get along with, and respected members of EDN, seemed to start here. It became like a secondary family to all of us, or at least that is how it felt to me. At the closing of this era there were new staff members on EDN, new moderators, it was like something revitalized the forum life, moreso than the site-life.

I like to give the 'Golden Era' that credit and that name, and no, not just because I showed up :P.

Now despite any drama in and between, or other events, like Forever Forgotten moving from my old free forums to EDN to try to keep it alive, 2008 was a pretty regular year. At least I think it was, I had only ever experienced one EDN year at this point. :P

Together I group 2008 and 2009 as the 'New Era', where almost a repeat of the flow of new members there were in 2007, has been occuring. This new group consists:

Dark Princess
Midnight Fox
Onyx (while he was around)
TemjinZero (obviously :P)
Last Hylian (though he's more mid Era)

Again, if I'm missing anyone (or those who have fallen from activity, like Mikestyles *cough*) don't hesitate to tell me.

This group has also sparked more life into the everyday happenings of EDN, and over all for the better. The majority of them have gotten into the 'exclusive' in crowd of members that everyone likes and we all seem to be great friends. I can only hope this continues in the future.

With 2010 we have new members circling, such as MidnaScape and technophobia making contributions to the community. I hope we see more new members come as we near the holiday season!

How would you describe the Eras of EDN? Which one did you come into, what did you think of the place at first? Keep this history going folks!

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Post Re: The history of the 'Underwoods. (Read first post please) • Posted: Wed Sep 29, 2010 12:44 am
It's so heart warming to be included with the cool kids xD lol

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