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 Ninten*'s unamed but really cool story. 
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Post Ninten*'s unamed but really cool story. • Posted: Mon Apr 04, 2011 9:48 pm
OK, so you might have read the one story about the stalker, but there's also one about this one guy who's taking care of his neighbors' dog, but something really unexpected happens. I will let you the reader read what happens. I will try to write up a sequel to this first installment within the next few days because of the big cliff-hanger I forgot about ( I'm on Spring Break BD ). I also wrote this one up in 6th grade. I don't know why I made it a World War 2 theme. I must have been thinking about it too much. :P

Battle of the Midway Islands (Book 1)

A phone started to ring. It was the neighbors saying that they will be coming home to get their dog, and hopefully he will be healthy.

When I went to feed the dog, I wondered if the neighbors knew if the dog liked this type of food, because I’ve never seen it eat. It’s like the dog doesn’t even sniff the food. I saw him eat only once.

Suddenly, I was shocked because the dog had disappeared. I saw a bright light by the garage. I thought it was just my dad. I didn’t want to tell the neighbors yet.

I started looked everywhere I could think of. I didn’t want to tell my parents until I looked everywhere. In the garage, I saw the water heater and the hair dryer were both plugged into the same outlet. When I tried to turn it off, I saw a light.

As I wondered what it was, I was being sucked in. I tried to hold onto something, but it was too late.

I found myself on the 7th U.S.S. Enterprise of World War 2 out on the sea. I witnessed Japanese bombers discarding several bombs above my head. Fortunately, they didn’t hit Enterprise. Unfortunately, they hit another aircraft carrier called U.S.S Yorktown and sank the ship. I then realized that I had to get out of here. People might freak out if they discover that I was gone without a trace. Besides, I can't just ditch my country while they're fighting a huge war.

Luckily, I found the neighbor’s dog running toward me. Apparently, it appears that the dog and I traveled to the past. I found a U.S war plane on Enterprise and used it to stop the Japanese bombers. The plan succeeded. With the help of some U.S. army forces, the Japanese have been defeated but, the War of the Pacific isn’t over yet. I still have to go back home to the present. I took the dog and wished I could go back home.

I found myself in the garage with the dog. It was all real. I took the dog to the neighbors and I was paid well. I was happy until I was trapped in World War 2 forever!


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Post Re: Ninten*'s unamed but really cool story. • Posted: Tue Apr 05, 2011 5:26 pm
Here's Book 2. I hope you like it.
EDIT: The starts are like pauses in the story. For those who don't know.
Battle of the Bombs (Book 2)

OK, there’s a good chance that you may not exist. But if you’re reading this, then that means that I have succeeded and you do exist. Let me back up a bit.

When I got trapped back in World War 2 again, I was thinking, “Man I must have the worst luck in the universe.” I then saw a kamikaze plane crashing onto the Enterprise. I then got onto a plane and was able to get away. I was then shot down by an enemy aircraft and landed into the ocean.

After that incident, a Japanese ship came by and fished me out of the ocean. They started torturing me and demanded to tell me about the US’s secret weapon. At first, I didn’t tell them, but the eventually made me tell them about the atomic bomb. After that, they just tied my legs to anchor and tossed me overboard so that I would drown. I had to stop them. Because like I said before, I can't just ditch my country in a huge war. Plus, the Japaneese were surprised about the atomic bomb. Now they know about it. So that one action changed history. Who knows what will happen in the future. But I'm pretty sure what would happen isn't suppossed to happen.

I held my breath before hitting the water. As I was going underwater, I began to lose more and more air. I eventually untied myself and then swam my way to the surface of the water. I then found the wreckage of the plane from earlier. I wasn’t able to fly it because the engines were shot. I went through the emergency equipment and found a radio transmitter and a life raft.

I called for help and a few minutes later, there were a few ships. I told them how I tried to get away from the Enterprise after it got hit and how I was shot down by a ship. I also told them that the Japanese figured out about the atomic bomb.

After that, they started to take their remaining planes and go destroy the enemy. So after sinking a few ships, they brought an atomic bomb on the Japanese. But only a few ships were destroyed. I knew that we had to do more. We had to go to their base and drop the bombs there.

We were right above the base, and at one point, some enemy aircraft spotted us. We were able to stop them from hitting us, but there were just way too many. They then took some of their own bombs and dropped it on our bases. That’s when we saw an entire squadron of planes with an atomic bomb. They were going to bomb every major city in the world. If they succeeded, who knows what it would do to the present. When I told them about the atomic bomb, it pretty much changed history. I have to make things right.


We had won. That was it. There was a lot of destruction, but we made it. Here’s what happened. After the enemy planes took off, we did our best to shoot them down. I say that we shot down about half of them. They then separated and they were a lot harder to shoot down. They then took down almost all of our forces. There was about one of our planes to go after theirs. I went after a plane that was going toward the US’s remaining forces. I then shot down the plane. After that, I left to go after the other Japanese planes.

I saw destruction everywhere. There were fires, explosions, people running, but all of the Japanese planes were shot down. Only a few of the cities were destroyed, but that’s better than all of them. We had done it. Now all I had to do was make it back home. I was trying to remember how I got out last time. I then remembered that I just wished to go back home. I did the same thing.

I didn’t work. I then remembered that there was a portal, but I never really noticed it. I flew to where it was, but the portal was disappearing. I was then shot down by the last Japanese plane. I managed to shoot the plane down, but my plane won’t make it to the portal. I was thinking that I was really crazy for doing something that was really dangerous and risky. I jumped out of the plane. I made it into the portal.
I found myself back in my garage. I looked at the time and date; it was around the same time that I left. I decided that this entire thing had to stop. I used a hose and put water on the hair dryer. That was the stupidest thing that I had ever done, which I saying something.

The hair dryer was unplugged and destroyed so it can’t be used as a time machine. Suddenly, a giant appeared and I was teleported to another planet. There’s a lot of things happening and you’ll find out what happens.


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Post Re: Ninten*'s unamed but really cool story. • Posted: Sat Apr 16, 2011 6:16 pm
Here's book 3. I bet that this is probably the longest story that I have every written. According to Microsoft Word's Word count, this is over 1,730 words. I hope you guys like this one.

Battle of the Shadows (Book 3)
When I landed on this alien planet, I had no idea what would happen here. It’s really complicated, but here I go. When I tried to destroy that time machine, I accidentally messed it up and got sent to another planet. When I landed on that planet, I landed on a mountain. Then, I saw a huge missile coming strait towards me. I was able to dodge it, but as the missile hit the mountain, a chunk of it broke and hit me.

I don’t know how long I was unconscious, but the next thing I knew was that I woke up in a hospital. I tried to get up, but my body was aching after the missile incident. I then heard a voice saying, “Don’t get up. You are too weak.”
“Who are you,” I asked, “And where am I?”
“I will tell you later. But for now, you need rest.”
I then fell asleep again.

I don’t know how much time passed by later, but I woke up and saw the person who was talking to be earlier. It was the same person talking to me earlier. She said, “How are you feeling?”
“I’m feeling a little tired and my arms are killing me,” I said, “But other than that, I feel OK”
“That’s good. My name is Courtney. I found you lying in the mountains. What were you doing there?”
“I’m Cody. I went through a time machine that sent me to the past. When I tried to destroy it, I must have messed something up because I ended up here.”
“Are you from another planet?”
“Um yeah I am. How did you know that?”
“This has happened to us before. Someone had gone to a time machine to one of the biggest known wars in our planet’s history.”
“That’s pretty much what happened to me. I’m from Earth. I have a question though. Who fired the missile and why?”
“We are in war with another group of people. There’s someone named Shadow that’s trying to kill another person named Helix. We don’t know why exactly, but everyone’s been ordered to contact the army if they see or know something about Shadow.”
“Wow……I’ve heard something like this before on Earth, but I don’t remember what exactly I heard it from.”
Then I heard another voice say, “We need to evacuate this building NOW! Shadow is nearby.”
“We have to go,” Courtney said, “Do you have enough strength to walk.”
“Yeah I do,” I said, “Let’s get out of here.”

When I got outside, I thought that this planet would be more advanced than Earth. It looks a lot like Earth. I then saw a lot of missiles and heard gunshots. I then saw a person in armor driving a huge tank. “That’s Shadow,” Courtney told me.
“Wow,” I said, “What does he do that makes him impossible to catch?”
“He kills a lot of people. When he does, he takes their weapons. He’s been able to hijack a lot of military equipment such as tanks, helicopters, planes, battle ships and much more. He’s done all of this just to be able to kill one person.”
I knew I couldn’t just stand thereand just watch someone try to murder another person, so I did something really stupid. I took a gun from a fallen military soldier and started to shoot Shadow with it.
He started laughing. He then said, “Foolish kid. You cannot kill me for I am Shadow!” After that, he left with a huge army after him.

“What were you thinking,” Courtney asked me, “He could have killed you!”
“If Helix is about to be murdered, then we should help him!”
“But we don’t know if Helix is a good guy. What if Shadow’s just a bounty hunter?”
“Then wouldn’t he already have his own weapons? Why would he need to steal them from the military?”
“It’s time I told you the true history of our planet.” Courtney replied, “I have come from Earth. So did most of the people here. Then, there was World War 2. There was a group of about seventy thousand people that didn’t want to stick around. We then used a portal to this planet. It didn’t have any life on it, but it was suitable for it. For about seventy years or so, we have been able to create this planet like Earth. We call it Second Earth and your planet First Earth. About twenty years ago, there was an issue over the amount of people on this planet. It was growing too much. Fortunately, there was another planet capable for life. We called it Third Earth. Helix was a scientist who was trying to solve the famine problems in some parts of the planet. That was around the time Shadow appeared. Since then, Helix has been on the run.”
“Whoa…..that would explain a lot.”
“There’s more. There were also alien droids that Helix programmed. They have never been seen by anyone except for the government. Nobody knows what they’re even used for.”
“I can help bring down Shadow,” I said, “I’ve fought in wars before. When I traveled through the time machine, I ended up in the Battle of the Pacific for World War 2. I fought in it twice and I won both times.”
“Also,” Courtney said, “Shadow also owns alien droids. If you want to defeat him, then go to the military base that’s on the intersection of Second Street and First Road. Ask for The General.”
“Thanks. You’ve helped me out a lot on this planet. Wish me luck,”
“Good luck”

The next day, I said my goodbyes to Courtney, and went to the military base. After I told them that I fought in wars and wanted to defeat Shadow, then they let me in. After a few training sessions for the most advanced ways for piloting a warplane and firing a gun, I was in the war.

I was sent to scout out where I could find Shadow. I then saw him in his tank trying to shoot someone. “It must be Helix,” I said to no one in particular. I then left and went back to base. Apparently, they figured out where Shadow’s base is. We were going to launch a full scale assault when he gets there.

After about eight hours of sleep, I was ready to destroy Shadow. We went in stealth mode to ambush Shadow. But he must have been expecting us because we saw alien droids everywhere. But with the trained soldiers on our side, we broke through their defense like it was nobody’s business. *BOOM*

There was a huge explosion and half of our army was blown away. Then there was more. There was a lot more alien droids. It was too many of them for us to handle. We decided to retreat.

After that incident, we decided to try again, but we were about go in from different directions. I was in the Air Force for this mission.

When we snuck up on him again, he was ready for this. But as the droids were fighting on the ground, we dropped bombs on his base. The droids then shot the planes down. Just before the shots hit, I pressed the eject button. I saw Shadow trying to escape, so I decided to follow him. It turns out that he was hunting down Helix. I then took a grenade and threw it at Shadow. It didn’t seem to hurt him, but it did make him really angry. “Exactly how stupid are you kid,” he asked, “I told you that you can’t hurt me.”
“Do you really think that’s true,” I replied.
“Yes kid, and now here’s a taste of death!”
I then took my gun and started to shoot him. It looked like your average war gun, but it fired lasers. When I hit him with it, he screamed in pain. I didn’t stop. I kept shooting him. After that, he used the last bit of his power to try and eliminate them. If I haven’t been in war before, I probably would have died. He somehow was able to control darkness and used telekinesis to throw stuff like guns, tanks, and the ruins of his base. I was able to dodge them all. I then took my laser gun and shot him with it a few times. He then said, “Please stop this, you have no idea what you’re doing.”
“Yes,” I replied, “I know what exactly what I’m doing.” He then collapsed on the floor and the shadows that he was controlling evaporated.

“He was right,” said another voice, “You have no idea what you just did.”
I turned and saw Helix. He was hiding behind a wall that hadn’t been destroyed yet.
“Thank you,” he said, “He was trying to stop me.”
“I don’t understand,” I replied.
“He was trying to stop me from causing an invasion. Shadow and I were lab partners. I decided that we should take over the universe using our research. He tried to stop me. He almost succeeded. But then you came in and saved me. Now thanks to you, he wasn’t able to kill me. Now, I will go.” He then waved his hand and I collapsed.

I woke up to Courtney’s voice. She started asking me, “What happened? When I saw you here, I thought…..”
“I’m alright,” I said, “But I have a lot to tell you.”
After I explained what happened, she then said, “I knew that he was up to something, but I never thought he was evil.”
“But how will we stop him?”
“It’s alright. He doesn’t have a lot of people on his side. If he’s going to take over the universe, then he’s going to need reinforcements. We’re too far away from First Earth. He’s done here, so that means that he could go to one other place.”
“Third Earth,” I said, “But exactly how will we get there?”
“There’s a space craft in the military base that will take you there.”

After that, I explained to the military what happened. I decided to go to Third Earth and help them with this war. I had caused the next phase for armageddon, so it was only right to help them with this. I don’t know what’s in store on Third Earth, but the guys in the army say it’s just like First and Second Earth.

And so we go.


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Post Re: Ninten*'s unamed but really cool story. • Posted: Thu Apr 21, 2011 2:47 pm
By books, did you mean pages?

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Post Re: Ninten*'s unamed but really cool story. • Posted: Thu Apr 21, 2011 10:13 pm
Kind-of. You could treat it as 5 books in a series, or just 5 chapters in a book. I don't really care. I'm in the middle of writing Book 4 now. The thing is though, if you read the stalker ones, this is the same exact guy. In between the 3rd and 4th book of that series, this happens.


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Post Re: Ninten*'s unamed but really cool story. • Posted: Sat Apr 30, 2011 1:02 pm
2,521 words. Enjoy.

Battle of the Alien Driods (Book 4)

We are now at Third Earth. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, then here’s the story. When I tried to destroy the time machine, I got sent to another planet called Second Earth. Second Earth is populated by the descendants of people who came from First Earth, which is just Earth. Just before World War Two, there were seventy thousand people who didn’t want to see it. So they took a spaceship and went to another planet. That planet didn’t have life, but had the conditions for life. For over fifty years. They were able to develop and make that planet their own home. It was identical to earth, so they called it Second Earth. The only difference was that it had fewer flaws. For example, there was a smaller population which gave fewer chances of overpopulation and less war. There was a few times of over population, so to solve it, a group of seventy-five thousand people moved to another planet that was suitable for life. That planet was called Third Earth. While I was at Second Earth, I met a girl named Courtney who was about my age. She told me about the history of Second Earth and some parts of Third Earth. She then told me about a guy named Shadow.

Shadow was trying to kill someone named Helix. Shadow stole a ton of military weapons to hunt him down. I joined the army to be able to hunt down Shadow. Shadow was way stronger than he looked. He was able to control darkness. I was able to beat him with my laser gun. But one event happened that no one was expecting. Helix wanted to take over the universe. Shadow tried to stop him, but Helix already made up his mind. Shadow had to kill Helix. He almost succeeded murdering Helix, but I interfered and stopped him. But since Helix didn’t have an army to help him, he went to Third Earth to get one.

We then landed on some airport runway. “Do they know we’re here,” I asked a soldier.

“Yeah, they do,” he replied.

“Then why aren’t they shooting us?”

“Because they know that we are allies. Just before we left, we sent them a message stating what just happened on Second Earth.”

While we got out of the spaceship, we took all of our weapons with us. “You will be amazed with what you see,” he said, “It’s a lot more advanced than First Earth.”

I decided to ask him, “What’s your name?”

“You can call me Luis.”

“OK Luis……..how advanced is this place?”

“Well for one thins, you have your own personal robot servant that will do anything under three conditions-”

“Let me guess, a robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm, a human must follow orders given by any human being unless it conflicts with the First Law, and a robot must protect it’s own existence as long as it doesn’t conflict with the First and Second Law.

“There are a few more, a robot may not harm humanity or by inaction, allow humanity to come into harm, a robot must establish it’s identity as a robot, a robot must reproduce, as long as it doesn’t conflict with the First, Second, Third, and Fourth Law, and a robot must know that it is a robot. Those are Asimov’s Laws, and Three other laws. Third Earth based their robots on those laws.”

After we unloaded our spaceship, we went through a trap door which led to an underground military base. “It’s about time you guys decided to show up,” said a loud male voice. “Helix has been causing a lot of resistance here on Third Earth. Thank God First Earth doesn’t know about this. We would be in a lot of trouble.”

“What’s so bad about First Earth,” I asked.

“They could take care of the problem easily,” he replied, “But their governments will want to control it. There will probably be a World War 3. Eventually, one country will win. Probably the United States will win. Their government is now trying to control a lot of things. They already control all of the basics. For all we know, there might be a cost for breathing. They will try to control this place and history will repeat itself. There will be a huge national debt like there is now on First Earth.

“There are ways for us to track their status. Here’s an example of how we got advanced. When the TV and the phone were invented, the government controlled it. But they let people have competition to make money. They were able to make more advanced phones, and TVs. There is still a government, but they don’t control citizens as much. There is only a little crime to worry about. There’s no war, since this planet is working together instead of different countries with their own agendas. But we keep a military to stop terrorists or to help out First and Second Earth out with their wars. That’s what the UFO sightings really are on First Earth. Those ‘UFOs’ are just our spaceships.

“I’m from First Earth.” I said, “I got to Second Earth through some sort of time machine. I killed Shadow thinking he was the bad guy.”

“He’s not dead,” said our army sergeant, “But he’s hurt really bad. He’ll be OK though.”


There was an earthquake and a bright light. “Let me guess,” I said, “It’s a missile.”

“Yup,” said Luis.

We got out of there in time with no casualties. I then was an Alien Droid, the same type that Helix used. I took a sonic gun and shot the droid down with a sonic gun. As I fired the gun, it sent a ripple through the air and hit the Alien Droid. Just one shot crumpled up the Alien Droid and killed it. But a few more made it beyond repair.

Then, we saw an entire army of Alien Droids. “GET TO YOUR WARPLANES NOW,” yelled our army sergeant, “THEIR ON THE SPACESHIP!”

We then got onto our spaceships and flew after the Alien Droids. I don’t want to be bragging or anything, but I took out about half of them without breaking a sweat. We then flew over to the closest army base. While flying, I found Helix. I landed my plane and hid it. I went over to where he was and used some invisibility feature that I had with me. I was invisible! He was giving some speech. “We should be able to have complete rule over the universe,” he said, “We have found some peace here, but we can achieve more. No more crime, war, or any problems forever!”

Everyone started cheering. Although I was invisible, he regarded his cold eyes on me. But how did he know I was here? I then left to tell the army sergeant. While I was running to my plane, I literally ran into Helix. “Well, well, well, well,” he said, “It seems you have survived.”

“Stop this madness Helix,” I said, “Why do you want to take over the universe in the first place?”

“To achieve Utopia in the universe, why else would I do this?

“Third Earth is already a Utopia.”

“No it isn’t.”

“Ya it is.”

“There’s still crime, death, and violence. I will achieve perfection. I have a good number of Third Earth’s population. After this, we will strike First Earth. Once I attack First Earth, I will rebuild the universe in my own image.”

I was sick of this. I took my gun out and shot him with it. Apparently it was a sonic gun. But he dodged it and started running away. I kept shooting until one finally hit him. I then approached him and held the gun up just in case he tried something. I then felt something stab my back and I then became unconscious.

I don’t know how long I was knocked out, but I woke up in front of my warplane. Next to me was Luis. “How are you feeling,” he asked, “I found you lying on the street completely unconscious. What happened?”

“I found Helix giving some kind of speech,” I said, “He told them that there will be peace, no death, crime, or fighting forever. I tried running back to the plane to tell you guys, but I ran into Helix. He told me he wanted to take over the universe to end suffering. I then shot him, went up to him, and I felt something stab my back.”

“That was a laser gun. I was pursuing one of Helix’s Alien Droids and he then shot you.”

“We need to tell the others.”

“Let’s go.”

We went back to the military base we were supposed to be at. “Why are you two late,” asked our army sergeant, “You two better have a good explanation for this.”

“It was Helix,” I said, “I found first found him giving some kind of speech. He told them that there will be peace, no death, crime, or fighting forever. I tried running back to the plane to tell you guys, but I ran into him. He told me he wanted to take over the universe to end suffering. I then shot him, went up to him, and I felt something stab my back.”

“At least you’re back. We have bigger problems to worry about. Helix is getting more and more people on his side. Once he does, then he will launch a full-scale assault whenever and wherever he wants to.”

“He’s going to First Earth. We have to stop him now.”

“Let’s go then.”
We got into our war planes and went to stop Helix. He was launching his assault. We had to stop him. I tried shooting these droids down, but they were a lot stronger than the ones that we had faced before. We kept trying to hit them, but they were able to hit us first.

About half of us went down before we could even fire a single shot. Then, I was the last one left. All of the others retreated. “I saved the special shot for you,” said Helix’s voice somewhere, “You will be too late to stop me, and the universe will be mine.”

“No it won’t,” I replied.

But it was too late. I was then shot down and my plane crashed somewhere on Third Earth.

I was able to fix my plane. I took off immediately. I went after Helix’s army and shot down a few. But they shot me down and my plane exploded. I looked back at Third Earth, but I saw huge explosions there. Helix wasn’t trying to bring peace, he wanted destruction. The last thing I remembered was that I was burning up in the atmosphere.

I then woke up somewhere in a hospital. I saw the army sergeant my hospital bed. “How are you feeling,” he asked, “We saw you burning up in the sky. We called the hospital and got you here just in time.”
“Helix is on his way to Third Earth,” We have to stop him now-OWWWW…..AHHHHH.”

My shoulder started to burn in pain. “Don’t worry about it soldier,” said the sergeant, “Helix won’t get there in time. There are a few people in the army on First Earth who know about us. They will fight them off without anyone else noticing. Besides we’ll get there in time before he gets to First Earth. But we have bigger fish to fry right now. The Alien Droids are attacking and destroying Third Earth. We have to stop them.”

After a week of being in the hospital, the doctors let me out. I then took some weapons and started to kill the Alien Droids. After running to the battlefield, I saw a soldier battling an Alien Droid. He was a brave fighter and almost destroyed the Alien Droid, but he went down. For some reason, this reminded me of Halo.

I took my sonic gun, and shot the Alien Droid with it. He then looked at me. This must have been a strong one because the shot just made him angry. I then took out a laser gun and started shooting him, but it made him even angrier. I then found a missile and shot him with it. He should have been destroyed, but some gun popped out. This reminded me of Resident Evil. I shot the gun and he was destroyed.

Then, all of the Alien Droids came and shot down everything in sight. I then found a war plane, strapped the guns to my back, and got into it. I took off and got a ton of missiles to shoot down the Alien Droids. But these were the same type of Droids. I then started firing, but they shot me down and the plane exploded. As I fell through the air, I used my parachute, took the sonic and laser gun that I kept with me and shot them. I think that I shot down about half of them, but the others shot at my parachute and I fell to the ground. I think that I sprained my ankle.

As the remaining Alien Droids were about to shoot me down, I saw Luis shooting them. Every last Alien Droid had been destroyed. All but one was gone. The last Alien Droid was pretty much the boss of all Alien Droids. It had guns popping out everywhere. It shot out missiles everywhere. Luis yelled, “GET DOWN!” I then ran behind a wreckage of buildings. The Alien Droid shot all of the missiles at us. After the smoke cleared up, everything within about 5 miles was vaporized. The only things seen were me, Luis, and the Alien Droid. Luis then gave me a grenade. I pulled the trigger and threw it at the Alien Droid. There was a huge explosion. It was almost destroyed. But even more weapons popped out of it. We ran out of grenades. Then somehow, we teleported out of there and to the army base were the sergeant was waiting for us. “It was too powerful,” he said, “And you were pretty much out of weapons. There was no way you both could have made it.”

“But what about Third Earth,” asked Luis, “Is it too late to be saved?”

“Yes, it is. But we have to go after Helix. We have suffered only one casualty. That was the one you saw Cody.”

“He was a brave fighter,” I said, “But if we suffer anymore losses, then we won’t stand a chance against Helix. That’s why you both are here now. We have all of the army soldiers here, but we need more supplies. We’ll take a detour to Second Earth and then go on to Third Earth. We will also bring Shadow with us. He almost took down Helix once. With his help, we will destroy Helix and his army.”

While on Second Earth, I knew that we will find Helix and we will stop him.


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