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 BX's Ultimate Quest 
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Hylian Knight
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Post BX's Ultimate Quest • Posted: Tue May 10, 2011 1:21 am
-1 New Circle-

The night air was warm and nice, it was one of those nights you just sit back and look at the stars. The sky was perfectly clear, and the lights of the urban area were dim enough to make out major constellations. Orion's Belt shined down brightly, but not many looked up to greet it. The stars were unimportant to the busy citizens tonight. Mondays were very serious days of work, and many hated them as such. However there was one person who couldn't care less about which day of the week it happened to be.

"Heh, I'm getting hungry.....might as well find those chips and get the salsa!"

This young man was an ordinary person. He had friends and family, he had dreams and aspirations. What he was missing was a trait most people can't live without, the drive. This young man, let's call him BX, was a slothful fellow who did not have much motivation for most things. He was currently unemployed, was not in school, and spent his days on the computer at home, living under his parents (rented) roof. In fact, that was exactly what he was doing this very night.

"Okay, I've hit the point of too much salsa....I should stop doing this every night....bleck" said a disgruntle BX, " Let's see what the gang at EDN are up to."

BX was a frequent on online communities called 'forums', specifically one called EDN (Exploding Deku Nut) a Legend of Zelda based forum. He quickly logging on and checked for new posts, for which he saw several new posts made in the Randomly Rambling Section. He quickly skimmed through them and made his was to his final destination, the Chat Box. This was the general hub of the forums, a tiny box where everyone would chat in real time with one another. It stopped meaningless spam and clutter on the main forums and was an effective way for the members to communicate with each other. BX noticed immediately that his friends RupeeLord and Zetsubou were online and chatting with each other.

BX: Hey guys.
RL: Hello.
Zetsu: BeeX!
BX: Yes?
Zetsu: Check out my new picture I uploaded.
BX: Oh, I did. It was awesome-sauce.
RL: No it wasn't.
BX: Shut up, Arel.
Zetsu: Shut up, Arel.
RL: D:
BX: Anywho, what you guys up to?
Zetsu: Playing Dissidia.
RL: Stuff.
BX: I see.

After this BX had nothing left to say for the time being. Minutes that seemed like hours passed, and BX was compelled to respond in some way shape or form. He began to type something that was hardwired into his brain. His trademark and calling card, if you will. He hit ENTER and one word of nonsense was uttered:

BX: Moosh.

This was BX's so called 'catchphrase'. The word itself meaning nothing, but referencing the name of a character in the Zelda series.

"Hrm..." BX was annoyed.

This was his catchphrase but he wasn't satisfied with it anymore. BX was a man of many wants and desires, however for this moment in time his only desire was a new catchphrase to use. He had tried looking up existing ones, tried making new ones himself, even got suggestions from people he knew, but alas it was for naught. He was still without a new catchphrase. He was at his wit's end, and he dropped his face onto his keyboard.

As his the majority of his face hit numerous keys, an unusual sound effect sparked through BX's head phones. He sat up and stared at his computer screen. There in front of him was a popup advertisement. He was in shock and awe because he hadn't seen a popup in quite a while. He moved his mouse to close the window when the text on the screen caught his eye.

Need a new nickname, subtitle or catchphrase? Click here to visit Uncle Al's Protagonist's General Store!

"....This is definitely a new one."

BX stared at the popup and raised his eyebrow. He moved his mouse once again, and closed the popup.

" Stupid ad. If I want advertising I'll just go on youtube....oh right I should do that..."

BX then began typing in his Address bar but the familiar sound effect played once more and the ad returned.

Need a new nickname, subtitle or catchphrase? Click here to visit Uncle Al's Protagonist's General Store!

Was it BX's imagination, or was the ad more obnoxious than before? BX, resilient as ever, closed the popup for the second time with gusto. However this was not the last time BX saw such a popup.

Every clicks, every word he typed, it seemed as if the ad was stalking him. Every time he clicked it close, it would come back later bigger and flashier then before. This went on for almost and hour when BX finally snapped.


BX gripped his mouse and dragged it ferociously around until the cursor lined up with his mark. With a maniacal sneer BX raised his index finger (dramatically) and brought it down upon the mouse.

BX finger barely had time to make contact when his computer, the lights, and the power of his entire apartment shut off.

-Break 1-

Hylian Knight
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Post Re: BX's Ultimate Quest • Posted: Mon May 16, 2011 3:26 am
-2 Waning Crescent Circle-


In stunned silence, BX sat motionless in a dark room. After about a minute of nocturnal quiet, the lights of the room lit back up again.

"You......have got to.....be kidding me..."

BX sat there with suppressed rage as he pressed the Power button of his computer. He got up to let the machine run and decided to walk around the dark hallway. He liked being in his quiet home with everyone else asleep and not troubling him. He would walk to each of his family member's rooms and imagine them turning into hideous monsters or zombies and begin shooting at them with imaginary (and sometimes plastic) guns. Tonight he was a government sniper on a mission to 'take out' the 'trash' around the city.

After a few moments of imaginary service to his country, BX returned to his comp to find it restarted and ready for his gallant return to his websites. As soon as he sat down, the wake-up juice up returned again.

Need a new nickname, subtitle or catchphrase? Click here to visit Uncle Al's Protagonist's General Store!


BX grumbled and turned his head towards the wall clock. It read 4:54 AM. He sighed and realized he was much too tired to be dealing with such a horrible popup epidemic. He started a cookie cleaning software and left the room to go to sleep. He curled up under his sheets and started to think about being a superhero, fighting monsters, meeting warriors from a different universe...

Soon he was drifting off into a peaceful slumber. His head filled with dreams of his friends, and his daily life. How it bored him so. Then suddenly he found himself in a monochrome forest. He began to look around when he noticed two people with him. The was a girl around his height with curly hair, and a taller boy with jet black hair. Both had concerned looks on their faces and were staring directly at BX.

"What are you waiting for?" prompted the girl, " Start running!"

BX immediately was taken aback by this. The two teens started running, and like clockwork BX started running with them.

"W-Why are we running?!"

"Can't you see it?"

"Look behind you, but don't trip," commented the boy.

BX turned to find a dark shadow looming in from between the trees. It was snaking towards them in a nimble fashion, not showing any signs of stopping.

At this BX began sprinting ahead of both of them by a fair distance.

"Whoa? How do you do that?!"


BX continued along but the path seemed to have no end and regardless of his head start, the other two caught up soon. In fact, they began to overtake him, almost as though he was slowing down.

"Hey what's wrong? Run faster!"

BX tried to muster up some more speed and started to charge once more, when all of a sudden his side felt pain similar to that of a burning knife piercing his skin. He fell to the ground face first, and screamed in pain. The other two looked back and gasped. Spitting dirt from his mouth BX turned to see the shadowy figure about to engulf his entire body. As its ominous fang reached his skin, BX sat up in his bed in a cold sweat.

-Break 2-

Hylian Knight
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Post Re: BX's Ultimate Quest • Posted: Wed Jun 01, 2011 2:11 am
-3 Third Quarter Circle-

"That was vivid. Geez, I'm sweating. I should turn up the fan."

BX got up to adjust his fan and grab a glass of water, all the while trying to remember his dream. He felt as though he had it before....long ago.

BX turned in his bed. Trying to make himself comfortable enough to fall into a deep slumber, although it felt as if the heater was working double time.

"What's with this heat?...Maybe if I take my shirt off..."

As BX attempted to fiddle with his clothes, his hand touched a film of sweat.


Getting up and slowly trudging his way to the restroom, BX grumbled a few swears. He noticed the heat rising with each step and he wondered, where the source was coming from.

"Wait.....don't tell me..."

As he stepped into his vacant mother's room he saw the computer flashing and emanating a wave of heat. In his shock he ran over to the computer and attempted to touch the monitor. With a yelp he jolted back, holding his hand. The computer was extremely hot to the touch, and was now letting off smoke.

"This is NOT GOOD."

BX dived under the computer table and searched for the Power Bar that contained all the plugs for the computer. He yanked the entire thing out of the wall. He felt the rooms temperature return to normal, but it felt colder due to him being incredibly sweaty. He let out a sigh of relief, and decided to get up from the ground. He looked up and noticed the walls were reflecting a flashing red light from the computer.

"But I....I cut the power...."

He got up from the ground, his back facing the computer. He knew what turning around would yield. He knew that he was not dealing with something ordinary. He was fed up, tired, sweaty, and wanted this to end. He didn't even look at the screen, but his hand still raised itself high into the air and slammed down, as a fist, onto the Enter Key.

He stood in silence for what felt like an eternity. As the seconds went by he simply stood, making no sound, waiting for anything to happen. After about a minute BX realized he was an idiot. Everything must've been his imagination, he WAS quite sleep deprived. He began to walk out of the room, nursing his burnt left hand.

"Wait a minute.....burnt?"

He turned to face the computer screen.

What would you like us to refer to you as? _______


He said the name as he was reaching forward to type it in. However as soon as the two letters left his mouth they appeared on the blank line, followed shortly with:

Thank You. This Contract will be kept in a secure location. Please enjoy your time at Uncle Al's!


With those words, the room became quiet and dark...and no trace of BX was to be found.

-Break 3-

Hylian Knight
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Post Re: BX's Ultimate Quest • Posted: Wed Aug 10, 2011 1:29 am
-4 Waning Gibbous Circle-

Bloodshot eyes stared at BX through the darkness. They were filled with anger and ferocity. BX did not like this man at all.

"I will ask you one last time....How did you get here?!"

"I keep telling you! My computer sent me here!"

"Stop making up words and start telling me the truth!"

"Isn't there supposed to be a good cop?"

"Stop making up words!"

"Both 'good' and 'cop' are real words!" The man gave a stern look at BX and swore. He left the dimly lit room to converse with one of his colleagues. His voice was somewhat audible; BX could make out the gist of it.

"Getting nowhere.....won't talk.....smartass.........donuts........Gastrointestinal tract....."

BX looked down at the floor and tried to think back at how he ended up in an interrogation room. He remembered waking up in a cell....and then being taken here. It was too simple; It was too out of place. Why was he in this strange place anyway? Wasn't he supposed to be in Uncle Al's 'watchamacallit'?

The door opened once more and he heard shuffling feet enter. BX did not look up, but he noticed that two people had sat down on either side of his chair. He resisted the urge to look at them to show his disinterest in the whole situation. He felt good about himself until he heard the stern man speak again.

"More of you filthy liars to be questioned....what a world this is, eh Barnaby?"

"Y-Yes sir!"

BX could hear the assistant wetting himself in terror of his boss; It was quite humorous. As for the two on his sides, he realized that they were in the same boat that he was in, so it wouldn't kill him to take a sneak peek over at their faces. There was a girl with curly hair on his left, and a tall boy with jet black hair to his right; both looked quite pissed off at their interrogator. BX wondered why they looked familiar, and then it dawned on him. At the same moment the girl looked over at him and screamed.

"It's...It's YOU! The kid who got eaten by the Antago!"

"The Antwhata?"

The man quickly jumped to the first conclusion that popped into his head.

"AHA! So you people KNOW each other! You MUST be in cahoots! I'm gonna get some intel out of you one way or anoth-....Did you just say he was eaten by the Antago?"

The girl nodded, her eyes still quite wide in shock. The man stepped back, assessed the situation, and pulled out a wooden pistol. He pointed it directly at BX's head.

"So you MUST be an impostor from Myst!"

"Okay, you can believe random things like THAT but not when I say I came from my computer?!"

The dark haired boy's ears perked up.

"Did you say computer?!"

BX was startled. He could not answer because he was staring down a barrel of a very old gun.

"Wait you DOLT!" shouted the girl. "If he survived the Antago, then maybe he could tell us HOW he did it!"

"I can't take that chance..."

"Why not?" questioned the boy. "It's not like we are constantly being hunted down by a shadow monster and are confined to our shelters indefinitely...oh wait...we ARE!"

The man was taken aback by this. It was obvious he was not used to sarcasm, but he must have understood the boy's point. He put away his gun. BX gave a sigh of relief as the man stepped around behind him.


"Good night."

BX felt a hard blow to the back of his head.

-Break 4-

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