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 Tetromino's Musings 
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Post Tetromino's Musings • Posted: Fri May 13, 2011 10:41 am
Greetings forum goers, this is where I muse. No, I mean, place (very short) stories. Yes, and force you to read and I refuse to edit them because I'm much to lazy and like the pronoun 'I' a lot. I'll try to update this once a week at the very least.

The first is a 'Dialogue' between an old beggar and a young lass in a fanatic siting. Have fun reading, folks! :)

The Beggar

“Lass! Lass!”

“What you want?”

“Do…do you have any coin?”

“Get out of the way you old pile of bones!”

“Must a dusty old beggar always be what you first think they are? I grow up in a land of mountains and forests; of fog and mist. Of deep places forgotten and of times long lost. What have you to say to that?”

“You’re just making it up, old man.”

“It is no worse than your people's tales of facing dragons or killing hideous beasts."

“Those aren't made up! I swear it on my ma’s birthstone!”

“Is that not sacred in your culture?”

“Yessir. More sacred than anything I bet you’ve ever seen! Them rags you got on mark you as just another loon wanderin’ the streets wantin’ to trick good gals like me into some dark alley. I ain’t being tricked into some alley!”

“What! I had a wife, young miss, and children. Several of the latter, in fact. Perhaps if you were more interested in the world outside, you may have realized there was a war between Taari and Hoslo. My people were caught in the crossfire…”

“You…speak Caminian good for a Myski.”

“Better than you.”

“What you do…back in Myskira?”

“Ate, drank, and made a home for my family.”

“No, I mean, your job!”

“I worked, as your people would say, as a linguist and studied the cultures of other nations. Including your own, of course, we are taught to speak each language correctly and interact with other cultures…”

“Then why you on this damn street?”

“I relish the dust and slime and the coin to be gotten through begging.”


“What proof do you have of that? Perhaps I have submitted to the life the Great One has given me! Or…it may be that I cannot walk far enough or write for very long as I did for so long…even for a few months in this city…then, one day, as I walked to work, a man in a carriage trampled over me.”

“Why didn’t someone help you? My ma and pa always told me to help anyone in need and I always do!”

“Oh? Then why did you tell me to leave?”

“Well...I don’t know.”

“Yes…yes…no one is perfect, so do not make yourself out to be. Now, let me continue. All my kin are dead and a Myski in Caminia even of my standing has few friends among your people. Yes, I was helped after a few hours after night had fallen, but by then, both my legs were severely broken along with my arms. It took months for them to heal, lass, and they never have healed completely. Perhaps, if I was a young man or even a man who had never faced war but what can be done? Now, will you give me some coin? Even beggars must eat!”

“Got it right here, mister.”

“Thank you. What is this? A silver piece?”

“For the story.”

“And what if it were all a lie as you had claimed?”

“Then damn me! But you tell good stories.”

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Post Re: Tetromino's Musings • Posted: Fri May 13, 2011 1:03 pm
You know what? That was pretty damn amusing. Keep up the good work.

I liked the part where I imagined the voiced of both characters while reading ;P

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Post Re: Tetromino's Musings • Posted: Fri May 13, 2011 5:32 pm
I agree, I quite enjoyed reading that. Do more! D;

But finish FF first.

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Post Re: Tetromino's Musings • Posted: Mon Jun 27, 2011 4:10 pm
Yeah totally!

Hot babes and ice cream=YAY! ;)
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