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 BX's Many Story Ideas 
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Post BX's Many Story Ideas • Posted: Sun Jul 24, 2011 2:09 pm
I will be posting different prologues for stories here, once in a while. They will eventually take residence in the own topic, along with numerous chapters, but I usually don't have a title for these stories so I will start them in THIS topic to keep things organized.

This is the first prologue.

It is a story based in medievel, maybe slightly more advanced times. The entire story and 'government system' has been mostly based off good ol' playing cards.


The Card Story with No Name:


A typical setting; Rain and lot’s of it. I knew from the very beginning this entire thing would be a flop. If you had looked at the sky for just a minute you’d know it was coming. But what do I get for being the only one to pay attention? I get most of the grunt work.

“Oi, Wize! Get yer’ arse over here and lift these barrels! You know I can’t with my sore back ‘n all!”

“Oh for the love of....COMING!” I get up and rush over, “I TOLD you they’d have to postpone the festival until tomorrow, you old coot.”

“Boot? I ain’t no boot, ya good fer’ nuthin’ boy!”

“I said COOT! I swear, I have no idea why I put up with you. No one even buys your stupid rocks during the normal year, why would they during the Decker Festival?”

“STUPID ROCKS!?! I’ll have you know people come from all sorts’a places to purchase these GEMstones for luck and prayer! Crafting and Selling these gems is a tradition that our family follows TO THIS DAY! Even the darn tootin’ ACE of HART herself buys them!”

“That was years ago, Old Man. There’s a new Ace. This year the Spadas have claimed the position. And it’s been well over a few years that those rocks have STOPPED MAKING ANY MONEY! Me and my TWO JOBS are the only things keeping you and grandma under a solid roof!”

“Don’t you insult my stones!”

“Those stones are filling up the shed! Sell THOSE ones before you make NEW ONES!”

“You know these Pips are sacred and can only be blessed for a certain amount of time!”

“Then throw them away!”


Yeah, that’s my relationship with my grandfather in nutshell. Oh...I forgot to mention. My name is Wize Slight. Yeah, I know, “You’re a Slight?!” Don’t worry, I’m use to it. Yes I am related to the Slights that rule over the Hart section of the kingdom ‘Cartkutt’. Don’t worry, that doesn’t mean I’m some royal trash. In fact, I am just a regular, young, cliché farm boy. I help my grandparents because my parents kinda...left me with them. I never really met them, for all I know they’re dead. But enough about me, I should be talking about the great ‘Decker Festival’ that’s TOMORROW. It’s is indeed that timely celebration where we parade about our nation’s independence, even if we DO live in the middle of nowhere. Actually, no, we live about 4 kilometers off of nowhere, in a small town called ‘Shuffle’.

Yes, I KNOW it’s supposed to be a big deal, but it really doesn’t concern me at all. And I don’t care if there’s a chance that people from the Royal Council might visit. Probably would be some meathead Clubb, or those greedy Dimes, and don’t even get me STARTED on those witty Spadas....they really piss me off for some reason. Well, I’ve pretty much finished moving everything, pretty smoothly actually, so I’m going to go to my room and read a good book. Perhaps “The Adventures of Head & Tails” for the umpteenth time. I mean, who HASN’T read this book since they were little?...probably those Clubb idiots.

I just hope I don’t doze off halfway through, I always seem to fall asleep right after the prologue....Right before.....*yawn* Right before I get to ......


Well, comments, critique, and editing would be accepted kindly (mostly <.<).

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Post Re: BX's Many Story Ideas • Posted: Sun Jul 24, 2011 7:39 pm
Well, I've got to say, BeeX, I really like the idea of a society based on Card Suits. It feels original, and I like the way you altered the names of the suits a bit ;P I'd want to see an actual story with this.

Also, you might wanna check out the chart on this page: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Playing_Ca ... gn_changes


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Post Re: BX's Many Story Ideas • Posted: Sun Jul 24, 2011 10:58 pm
I will keep that in mind. I was also thinking of some way to incorporate the original names of the suits, as dictated in Tarot cards: Swords, Wands, Cups, and Coins.

Not to mention I have yet to expand on the country at all....I have many more ideas....

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