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 Soundless Voice 
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Post Soundless Voice • Posted: Thu Jul 05, 2012 2:04 am
I suggest listening to the song and watching the lyrics before you read. :P

So this is just a little story from this song I found inspirational. Hope you enjoy!


0:00 – 0:26

The girl lay there quietly. She was greatly wounded, blood trickling out from the various scratches and gashes all over her. She had even been stabbed a few times. Her messy locks of hair covered her face as she lay unmoving upon the floor of the dungeon. She smirked. “So this is what it’s come to, huh?”

0:26 – 1:25

Memories flooded her mind.
A little girl sat upon the streets. She had no place to call home. Her sad eyes drifted upward, as she saw a silent piece of frozen water come falling to the earth below. It melted, ending its journey upon contact with the ground. The little girl held her hands, trying to catch the snow in her small hands. For once, a smile grew on her face, for the yearly snow had given her hope that there is always hope.

A silent piece of snow landed on the ground, and stayed there, the light of the morrow beginning to shine through the clouds as more and more snow fell.

Though the town was awake, no one heard her tears of joy and her jovial laughter.

1:25 – 2:14

The girl of her late teens cried out in pain. She lay all alone as she rolled over. Opening her eyes weakly, she stared out at the night sky. Tears slide down her paling cheeks. She longed for him to be next to her, embracing her tightly and stroking her hair, all while telling her that everything was going to be alright.

A spirit looked over her sadly.

The moonlight struck a grave and lit it up.

The girl remembered the days when they were always together- as one. They played in the snow, whether it was just falling or getting thicker.

The spirit kneeled down and grasped her hand even though it was in vain. Her heartbeat was slowly fading, along with her spirit.

The girl smiled. “I wish you were here with my, I long for when I hear you speak my name again.”

2:14 – 2:27

Her smile faded as her mind wandered to other memories. Silent tears slid down her cheeks as a drop of blood leaked out from her mouth.
2:27 – 2:50

A boy in his mid-teens lay in the arms of the girl. His eyes were blank, his skin turning pale. The girl’s tears could not come, as the world around her came to a halt. The world was dark and grey, the only thing moving was the silently falling snow.

2:50 – 3:41

His body was becoming cold. His voice was long gone- never to speak again. He understood what had happened to him, and what was to become of him. He never once questioned his fate. He had understood his whole life that it was his destiny to die protecting someone, though who that someone was, he did not learn until now. The girl only understood, that her best friend- if not more, was dying in her arms and that there was nothing she could do to help him. She called out to him. She told him not to close his eyes, but to smile.

Her tears could not come and melt the ice that had become of his body.

The girl lifted her head to the heavens and cried out. She begged for his spirit to return, or to even take her body, and place his spirit inside, if it meant he should still live.

3:41 – 3:44

She came back to her thoughts. Painstakingly, she moved herself into a comfortable position. She crossed her arms over her chest, and her hands lay on her heart.


A crystal tear fell and splattered on the ground.

3:46 – 3:58

“So this is how it all ends… My life long fight is finally over…”

3:58/3:59 – 4:02

Two more crystal tears leaked from her closing eyes.

4:02 – 4:22

“I miss you so much… I cannot wait to see you again… I tried so many times to get you back… And finally… I will be able to reunite with you once more…”

4:22 – 4:26

And with her words said and done, she screamed out her last breath- as the pain subsided and her eyes closed forever. The girl would never awaken to a new morrow every again.
4:26 – 4:50

The purest snow began to fall. The girl lay motionless. The spirit watching over her saddened- never once did he wish for that time that he just witnessed.

“I want everything about me to be erased...” Whispered a voice. “My voice, my life, everything… I just wish to remain with you…” Another spirit appeared that of the girl. “But until all is white… My memory still lies deep within the people who barely knew me…”

4:50 – 5:04

The two spirits stared at one another, before the first spirit finally moved forward and embraced the spirit of the girl. “I missed you so… But never once did I never stop watching over you.” The tears of the spirit fell helplessly down his cheeks and the spirit of the girl smiled like she never had before.


And with that, the two spirits disappeared.

5:06 – 5:09

The snow kept falling, creating a blanket and a tomb for the girl. The memory of her… Forgotten.

For all her life, she was the Soundless Voice.

Hope you guys liked it! I also want to bring up that I delibrately kept the identities of the girl and the boy a secret, and that it's never revealed as to why the girl is dying. I'd like to know what you guys think what happened and what the profiles of the girl and the boy are. Tell me what you think they look like, they're ages are supposed to be (at the various times), what their history was, how they met, et cetera. After a while, I might say on what really is going on. :p

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