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 Hyrule Trivia Guidelines and Rules 
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Post Hyrule Trivia Guidelines and Rules • Posted: Sat May 01, 2010 6:01 pm
Yes indeed, you are reading this topic title correctly. And now that I have your undivided attention and if you aren't already a HT Sage, then how about you join this fun little game? (Yay for copypasta, this is here as a reminder of the changes introduced in Season 4)

This is Hyrule Trivia Season V, easily identified as being the FIFTH time the greatness of the Forbidden Underwoods has run this competition. Here you will be pitted against your fellow forum members with answering a set of varying Trivia questions that also change in difficulty week to week. For past members you know the deal, all rules and changes from HTIV remain and apply to HTV (Hyrule Television?)

The Time Interval for this Season remains as 4 weeks as to insure it does not beat a dead horse.

In Week 1 there will be a total of 10 points awarded, Week 2 there will be 20, Week 3 there will be 30 and finally Week 4 there will be 40. This keeps the tradition of Hyrule Trivia being an assessment over a total of 100 points.

In Week One each question will be worth 2 points. In Week Two each question will be worth four points. In Week Three each question will be worth 6 points and in Week Four each question will be worth 8 points. Showing that competition will be much more fierce and there won't be a repeat of Season 3`s minimal point difference between ranks 1 and 2.

Any trivia question can be considered a trick, this makes things easier on management and for tougher times on your fellow contestants. (Which is good. We want you to work for those prizes :p)

With the destruction of the Trick category I must also give a lament to another Hyrule Trivia staple, the Bonus Question. But fear not, there have been 3 more question types added to offset this foundation change.

So here are a few helpful reminders courtesy of our good friend Darth Citrus as well as the additional question types will be discussed here.

1) This game is for fun. So if you're going to be a spoilsport, don't bother playing at all

2) Each participant must have only one account. If I find users have been using two accounts, both members will be removed from the trivia.

3) You may discuss the questions in the thread where they are posted. However it's to your benifit if you don't say anything about the answers at all.

4) Forum rules still apply here. So there will be no flaming, crass talk, etc.

5) In the end, players with the highest three scores will be awarded the prizes. In the event of a tie, a sudden death tie breaker will be held to determine the winner.

6) Answers must be in by the deadline or they will not be counted. If you do not submit your answers three times, you will be eliminated from the trivia.

7) Again have fun...or else

Each SundayI will post a set of five questions. Each member has until Satuday 11:59 PM (GMT -3) to submit their responses to me via Private Messaging.

The event will run for 6 weeks, thus there will be 4 rounds of questions with the following points up for grabs each week and 2 weeks of signups.

Week 1 - 10 pts - each question worth 2 pts
Week 2 - 20 pts - each question worth 4 pts
Week 3 - 30 pts - each question worth 6 pts
Week 4 - 40 pts - each question worth 8 pts

Total out of 100 points.

Question Types

(Trivia) - These questions will simply test Zelda knowledge.

Example: Rauru is the Sage of what?
Ans: Sage of Light

(Picture) - These require you to use the picture given to answer the question.

Example: What person is displayed in the following picture?


Ans: Midna

(Music) - These require you to listen to a music clip to answer the question. These will always be the exact songs taken from the games.

Example: Which ocarina song is played in the following clip?

http://www.explodingdekunut.net/files/H ... sample.mp3

Ans: Bolero of Fire

(Riddle) - These are essentally riddles you must solve. While they may sound strange, they all have to do with something in the Zelda games. I will never ask a riddle that has to do with fan sites, Nintendo, or anything else.

Example: In Zelda 1, your money I drain as you let me fly. What am I?

Ans: Arrows

(Challenge) - In this question you will be given a list of qualities along with a trivia question. You will have to abide by the guidelines provided and list any and every applicable answer you can find. These questions are generally saved for later rounds and are often worth part values.

Example: Name the dungeons in the Zelda series from The Legend of Zelda to The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time that have the following:

-More than three keys
-No keese
-Have traps
-Require bombs to complete

(Fallacy) - This is a relatively simple addition that takes an old branch of trivia and makes it it's own question type. A series of statements will be provided to you along with a question and you must either choose the sentence(s) that don't comply with the question. Or we can just turn it around and ask you to choose which are true. You get the picture, like an extended version of a true and false quiz.

Example: Which of the following statements are false?

a) The Cross item in AOL, while allowing you to see ghosts, is not needed to finish the game.
b) In LoZ, you absolutely need bait to complete the seventh dungeon.
c) Walking though apparent solid walls can only be done in The Adventure of Link, Ocarina of Time, and Majora's Mask (Note: This does not include things like glitches. I'm talking about things like walls that can only be seen with the Lens of Truth, etc)

And finally the descendant of the bonus question:

(Risk) - These will be your standard run of the mill trivia question. Except they are much more difficult than the rest of the round and if you answer it and answers incorrectly will lost half the points you could have got from answering it right (R.1 you would lose 1, R.2 you would lose 2, etc.). However, if you answer it correctly, you earn two more points onto its standard worth (R.1 you would gain 4 points, R.2 you would gain 6, etc.).

Example: Any standard trivia question that outweighs the rest in difficulty.

With all that out of the way I feel the need to express something to you all who are joining. This is a game that is all about fun and not winning or losing (though winning is said to be a bit more joyful), I personally will not accept any instance of flaming or trolling, it will result in your permanent release from Hyrule Trivia past, present, and future.

So I hope you all have fun! And to those who make it all possible you should show your gratitude.

Darth Citrus - The returning Wise Backdrop on questions or pictures. He also gives you the prizes. Bow to him.
Zender - The returning Hyrule Trivia Composer, responsible for all your Music questions and graphics for Hyrule Trivia.
Nabeshin - General Trivia Master Developer, provides many of the questions that you will be seeing throughout these 4 weeks
Alpha - General Trivia Master Developer, provides many of the questions that you will be seeing throughout these 4 weeks. Alpha retires this round as GTMD, but look out, that means he`ll be able to take part in next year`s festivities :p
Zeldaeinstein - The returning Hyrule Trivia Host, helping to bring you these changes, round questions and charismatic...ness.

The Forbidden Underwoods wants you!

Image Image Image
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