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 Custom Legend of Zelda ALttP Board Game 
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Post Custom Legend of Zelda ALttP Board Game • Posted: Fri May 25, 2012 9:52 am
Hey everyone! Hopefully I'm posting this in the right forum. If not, feel free to move it to whereever it belongs I wanted to share my work with all you Zelda geeks out there. Last summer I spent about 4 months and lots of money making a Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past board game. I had so much fun making it and me and some buddies play it occasionally. I just wanted to get your opinions on it. I based it off an old board game called Key to the Kingdom. I designed the board in photoshop, copying and pasting carefully all the SNES sprites from the game. and then I printed the sheets and put them on poster board. Of course this is more of a prototype but its still fun to play. I made the treasures, equipment and monster cards and got them laminated to have a glossy look. The link pieces were made from someone i found on etsy.com.

The pics are of the Link playing pieces, the light world side of the board and then it opens up into the darkworld side just like key to the kingdom did. The item and moster cards plus the equipment sheets.

Much to my surprise there were a couple of articles written about it on Zelda Dungeon and Zelda Universe which was very nice!

If you want to see more pics and info, go to my boardgamegeek site

here's my tutorial on youtube:

open dark world.jpg
open dark world.jpg [ 100.41 KiB | Viewed 3854 times ]
open light world.jpg
open light world.jpg [ 148.82 KiB | Viewed 3854 times ]
playing pieces closer.jpg
playing pieces closer.jpg [ 84.98 KiB | Viewed 3854 times ]
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Post Re: Custom Legend of Zelda ALttP Board Game • Posted: Fri May 25, 2012 6:02 pm
That looks really awesome! Amazing work!
I am curious as to how you play the game.


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Post Re: Custom Legend of Zelda ALttP Board Game • Posted: Fri May 25, 2012 6:09 pm
You are amazing. Very smart and I'm with you Pie how do you play the game. :up: :clap:


You bring tears of happiness. T_T

Yop? Good!!! Great!!!

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Hylian Squire

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Post Re: Custom Legend of Zelda ALttP Board Game • Posted: Fri May 25, 2012 8:16 pm
Thanks!! :)

The gameplay is mostly like the boardgame Key to the Kingdom...but if you haven't played it here are the rules:

1. Separate the playing cards into their own piles.
2. HIDE THE TREASURE! Shuffle the Treasure cards and slip one into each Treasure Chest, making sure no one, even you, does not see them. Each Treasure Chest corresponds to a different dungeon. The Dungeons are:
- Hyrule Castle
- Desert Palace
- Tower of Hera
- Eastern Palace
- Palace of Darkness
- Great Pyramid
- Ganons Tower
- Turtle Rock
Each Treasure is guarded by a Boss AND Mini-Boss. You must defeat the Mini-Boss to get to the Main Boss. If a player defeats a Mini-Boss and then loses to the Main Boss. That player may skip right to the Main Boss the next time in that same Dungeon.
3. Give each player an Inventory Card and the
9 items that go with it to place on the card:
Sword, Shield, Boomerang, Bow & Arrows, Fire Rod, Ice Rod, Magic Hammer, Hookshot & Rupees.
4. Each player chooses a Link and places him at the start (Link’s House) Place the Wallmaster there as well.
5. Each player throws the die in turn. Highest starts.

The object of he game is to be the first Link to escape Hyrule with the Triforce AND one other Treasure.

1. The first player throws the die. Move the Wallmaster to the space bearing his symbol and the same number as your die throw. The Wallmaster always moves before you do.
2. Now move your Link the number of spaces on the die. You may move in either direction. Play passes to the left.
3. Links may share the same space. (Except on EYE, SKELETON or Random Enemy Space) If you happen to land on a Link with a Treasure, you may steal one piece from them WITHOUT looking inside the chest. If they do not have a Treasure, you may steal ONE piece of equipment (NOT SHOP ITEMS) from them ONLY IF IT IS NEEDED (Rupees you may still steal, there is no limit on them)
If you land on an occupied space and you have Treasure/Items, the other player may not steal it.
4. You must use your full die count, with some exceptions like the EYE, SKELETON or the Wallmaster. (STAIRS count as a space)

-Always place it in its new position on the first die throw of your turns, regardless of whether you actually move or not. It always moves before you do.
-If it lands on or near the adjacent space of a Link, they go straigt to the nearest Dungeon.
-You may not move over the Wallmaste. If it is blocking your way, go in the other direction or you may end your turn 2 spaces before it. (Remember, you cannot move two directions in on turn - go one way or the other)
-The Princess is hidden in one of the Treasure Chests. If you have Zelda and you are ready to exit Hyrule to win the game, you must drop her off at the Sanctuary. Unless someone takes her from you, you MUST drop her off before winning the game.
- The SKELETON Spaces mark the entrances and exits to the Treasure locations. In order to win the Treasure, you must fight the monsters and win. Follow the track across the SKELETONS or move around the outside if you do not wish to enter. You may not jump across a location! If you wish to enter:
- Stop when you reach a SKELETON, even if you have not finished your die count. Immediately pick up a Mini-Boss card from the tray and follow the instructions to fight it. Discard it when yo have finished.
- If you win the fight, pick up a Boss Card and follow those instructions. If you win, go and take that Treasure Chest (if no one has taken it before you) On your next turn, throw the die and move away, counting the EYE space as 1 space.
- If you fail to defeat a monster, the card will tell you to throw the die and move away or go to the dungeon jail. Move away and then approach it again on your next turn. When you roll away from a dungeon and land on a SKELETON, you do not have to do that obstacle. When you re-enter, you do NOT need to defeat the Mini-Boss again. Go straight to the Main Boss.
- The EYE Spaces mark the beginning and end of each hazard There are no Treasures at the hazards, but you will have to go through some hazards in order to move around Hyrule.
- Stop when you reach an EYE, even if you have not finished your die count. If you wish to cross, immediately look up that Hazard Card and follow the instuctions.
- If you manage to pass through the hazard, STOP on the EYE on the opposite side. This ends your turn.

- When you are sent to a dungeon, you can escape by throwing a 1 or 8 on your next three turns. (One roll per turn) Don’t forget to reposition the Wallmaster just as on a normal turn.
- If you succeed, move into the doorway
- If you fail all 3, give up one of your Items (not Treasure or Shop Items) and move into the doorway
- Once you are in the doorway, move out on your next turn by a normal die throw, counting a SKELETON space as the first.
- There are two magic mirror transports in Hyrule. If you jump in, you have the power to fold the gameboard in or out. Before you begin, follow the instructions on the Magic Mirror Transport Card.
- The Shop is a great place. You don’t need to enter the Shop by exact count. You do need Rupees in order to buy an item. One rupee card per item.
- Choose an item and trade your Rupees for it. (Can’t have more than 1 of the SAME Shop Item)
- Each Item has a description of its use on the card. The cards must be discarded after its FINAL use.

- Fairy
- Boss Key
- Flute
- Heart Piece
- Red Tunic
- Cane of Byrna
- Flippers
- Magic Mirror:
If this card is played while a Link is trying to use the transport, THEY must now throw a 1 or an 8 to escape (3 tries allowed). If they succeed, they may rejoin the game by stepping out of the transport. If they fail, they must give the other player any one Treasure (other player doesn’t choose) and lose his next turn, staying on the current space.
- if approached correctly, she will employ her magic to return ALL equipment you have lost. She will also give you the opportunity to claim any Treasures that have been lost and not reclaimed yet.
- You do not need to finish your die count in order to fight a random enemy. Stop on the space with an enemy and draw from the Random Enemy pile. Follow the instructions. If defeated, it will leave behind one lost piece of equipment of your choice.

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Post Re: Custom Legend of Zelda ALttP Board Game • Posted: Sat May 26, 2012 9:06 pm
Very impressive. Watched the Youtube video. Looks fun too! I commend you on your work. :up:


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