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 Skyward Sword Grievances [There will be SPOILERS!] 
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Post Skyward Sword Grievances [There will be SPOILERS!] • Posted: Tue Dec 20, 2011 4:09 pm
You may have seen this article passed around sometime earlier today, so I'm passing it around again like the flu :P. A writer on Kotaku has released a list of 10 grievances he had with the game with a humorous spin throughout. He starts out by saying he's basically just being the Devil's Advocate, but does stand behind his reasons as acceptable problems with the game.

For those younger viewers out there: there is some language and whatnot, so don't tell your parents :P.


Honestly, I agree with him nearly entirely.

1. While playing through Skyward Sword I never quite got immersed in the gameplay like, say, I did with the Wind Waker. I'm wary of #1, as I do like the Wii and praise gameplay over graphics, but I agree that Nintendo should have jumped in the boat years ago for having HD capability: I've always felt the Wii was the GameCube 1.5 with a wagglestick.

2. I think the Zelda series would benefit with voice acting, simply because it helps the experience in nearly any other video game. No, I don't think Link should speak (there are plenty of silent protagonists in gaming still), but the people around him would feel much more alive and personable if I weren't just reading them like a book.

3. The title of the grievance is misleading: it should be more that the translation job was kind of clunky... or very clunky. I understand characters like Groose can fittingly get away with saying 'hurr hurr'... but it's more for us to make fun of him. Hell, if he simply made the 'hurr hurr' sound, we could have got away with it without thinking to ourselves 'wtf...'. The dialogue of Zelda has always had a strange flavour to it, such as King of Red Lions' dialogue in the Wind Waker, but the way it was delivered in SS gave us two extremes.

In the case of Ghirahim, I understand he's a flamboyant and very emotional character... but some of his dialogue is TOO jarring or TOO 'creepy', because what he is saying is a jumbled mess.

In the case of most everyone else the dialogue is very subtle and quick, like reading a grocery list point by point. Very few characters outside of the main cast felt like actual people.

4. This one is nearly my biggest complaint. I understand it is very similar in style to how Twilight Princess was done, but I recall people hating one fact from that game... retelling you what the rupees are in a 10 second long cutscene of receiving them. If you recall, all other games before TP only told you anything about rupees if you got them from chests. Thankfully, Skyward stopped those shenanigans... and made them even worse by retelling you what ALL monster drops are, even if you don't get them from chests!

Also, I daresay I dislike Fi the most of all sidekicks. What's worse is the fact that I never really disliked any of the others. I can understand her helpfulness due to her duty to the Hero, and sometimes her advice is actually very useful, but there is one thing I can't handle: No option to ignore her cues for dowsing or for talking to you because of that inane beeping. Some people need handholding to get through certain video games, I understand that... but at least give users the option to turn off those notifications.

As an aside: I am most thankful for the ability to remove that terrible screen interface reminding you of all your controls @_@.

5. I mostly disagree with this point, but I will say that for introductions this one is a bit slow and holds your hand way too much in a more demeaning way. Hunting for individuals is fine, practising your swordskills is also fine, but the wait for the first dungeon was an arduous one. The game is mostly fetch quests rather than reaching certain goals and no one can really say otherwise. That is why the Wind Waker's potentially longer journey to the first dungeon is better: you're meeting a variety of people and you're EXPLORING without feeling like it's a chore.

6. I agree wholeheartedly. There was not one single artistic direction they stuck to. As much as the graphics did look decent, they should have just went one way or the other: cel-shaded or pseudo-realistic, not a mix of both. I hope that this is fixed for later titles because a lot of this game was simply a bit ugly...

7. Over all, this one seems to be less of a small grievance and more of a huge issue with the series. I do find some monotony in the same old path Zelda has beaten, but Skyward Sword allowed for greater puzzles and utlitlized your entire inventory more than any other Zelda game has really done before. I did not expect to still be using my Beetle in the Final Dungeon: but there I was, having to use it. The puzzles of all Zelda games have generally been too plain or simple for my taste and SS did up the ante... just not by a significant amount.

I'm all for a new spin: they promised us something completely different with SS, but it was just the same Zelda formula with a few extra sparkles here and there. Sure, the areas felt like dungeons... but the areas were forgettable and linear as *Navi*. In short, the linearity of the overworld as well as all dungeons was a major turn-off. I like getting lost and not knowing exactly what to do, not to be restrained to just taking one path all the time.

8. Another point I mostly disagree with. I enjoyed the use of the Motion-Plus, but like others, re-calibration and not exactly 1:1 movement tore me out of the experience of having that kind of control over my sword. One knock I have against it is the removal of targeted fire with weapons like the Bow. If I'm locked onto an enemy that I want to shoot with my bow, I shouldn't end up being unlocked and thrust into the first-person mode... it should just shoot the damn thing like how TP worked. If I want to interact with the environment, not enemies, I will gladly use first-person, for tearing you out of the lock completely screws you up.

As versatile as the swordplay could get, it really boiled down to direction of swing and the three major planes (vertical, horizontal, diagonal). The difficulty and thought you had to put into how to swing your sword was minimal as well as the difficulty of the game besides environmental hazards or clunky response from your sword. I did die often in the game, but it wasn't from anything other than bosses you almost have to die at to understand exactly what to do so you can conserve your hearts proper.

9. I have no true comments for this one. I never noticed the camera issues before, but now I probably will. I will admit that the view you had was a little too narrow for my liking making all areas feel claustrophobic even if they were not. Also: Not a fan of Dowsing other than for the Gratitude quests. Gimmick is Gimmicky.

10. ... I hate the stamina meter. In concept it is brilliant: obviously people get tired out... but this is a video game. This is not a type of immersion the player really wants to have part of their experience. I will say that puzzles requiring conservation of your meter are nice, it adds a difficult flair... but honestly having to stop and wait constantly for it to refill (even as short as it takes to do so) is the most grating part of this game. I can forgive nearly everything else... just not the Stamina Bar.

I don't really have any grievances for the game DESIGN that aren't listed above, but the combo of them clearly shows some issues the Zelda Team should address in later titles. All of the other 'disappointments' in the game come from the story... but that's for another time. :P


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Post Re: Skyward Sword Grievances [There will be SPOILERS!] • Posted: Sun Nov 02, 2014 5:53 am
The weapons are cool and the swordplays are better specially when you already know how to use the skills properly.

zombie fighting weapons

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