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 Hidden Gems 
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Post Hidden Gems • Posted: Sun Dec 18, 2011 3:38 am
You won't find Chrono Trigger, Earthbound, or Final Fantasy here. This thread is dedicated to those games tucked away in obscurity. Let 'em out! Post gems that you've found buried amongst the greater known and the best left alone.

A quick starter list:

Tomba! (PS1) - Action/Platformer with traces of RPG
(Sprites on 2D planes, sometimes 3D. Animated cutscenes sprinkled in.)
Spoiler: show
A long time ago, seven Evil Pigs invaded a small group of islands in the middle of the ocean. Flora, fauna, people, and lands alike were cursed. Their underlings, the Koma Pigs, terrorized the people. Peace was no more.
Meet Tomba, the wild pink-haired jungle boy. He was born on one of these islands being raised by his grandfather. When the old man passed away, Tomba guarded his grave and golden bracelet. One day while fighting Koma Pigs, he was knocked out only to wake up and discover the bracelet was taken! He sets off to reclaim his heirloom, capture the Evil Pigs, and bring beauty back the islands.
Created by the now disbanded Whoopee Camp, Tomba! was a wacky game with a couple things gone under the ESRB radar. You got an array of weapons, a number of quests from simple (walking to someplace) to headache-inducing (Flower Seeds, will you have the patience and luck to succeed?), and you could move in the foregrounds and backgrounds. Some quests are known to be cases of "lost forever" if you don't know what to do, but nothing game-breaking. A rare game, Tomba! spawned only one sequel.

Tomba! 2: The Evil Swine Return (PS1) - Action/Platformer
Spoiler: show
Tomba is living in the countryside with his monkey friend Charles when he receives a letter. Zippo, a talking bug, pops out and explains that Tomba's girlfriend Tabby has been kidnapped on a separate continent (go with it). Tomba jumps into the sea and the story begins.
Once again, Tomba gets a ton of weapons as he explores the Continent and finds Tabby. Familiar faces appear and the chances of missing an event is no more. Full of fun with laughable moments, Tomba's adventure is grander than ever.
Coming out 3 years after the first game, Tomba! 2 had...less than brilliant graphics. Few people opened their mouths when talking, and some figures were used repeatedly with differing skins (how many pudgy men on the mountain?). The skins themselves...let's not say. The narm-charmy(?) voice acting for many NPCs was done by one person, but you'll have your favorite. The music, like in the first, changes a bit once the Evil Pigs are sealed away. They get peppy, and more events might open. (Tip: If you hear no music, wait a bit. One area has a track that takes 5+ seconds to start once you enter.) A wild ride, the Tomba train ends here. The polygon ceiling was hit and Whoopee Camp went out of business.

Chocobo's Dungeon 2 (PS1) - RPG
(Sprites on a 3D plane. Includes CG scenes.)
Spoiler: show
You play as a Final Fantasy Chocobo, exploring dungeons with Mog, your partner, to plunder it's depths for treasure. They meet the mysterious Shiroma, a white mage who helps them. But there is much more going on than there seems on the surface. What secret is hidden in the depths of time?
Much like in Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo's Dungeon (Wii), you walk around in dungeons in tiles (in any direction). For every move you make, the enemies make one too. You power up claws and saddles and take on familiar Final Fantasy enemies and even get special partners for exploring. Fighting is turn-based (no battle screen, you fight in sorta-real time) and the random dungeon layouts make for different obstacles every time. Stay too long, and death will meet you.
In town stuff should be obvious: buy, sell, store, talk, quest, etc. A very good RPG that's sure to please.

Vexx (GCN, PS2 XBOX) - Action/Platformer

Spoiler: show
Over 700 years ago, horrible creatures called Shadow Wraiths descended upon Astara. One day their leader, Dark Yabu, led his army to the peaceful place of Timberdale and enslaved the villagers, forcing them to work in the mines. A young lad, Vexx, held onto his anger until it boiled over and he tried attacking one of the overseers. Yabu turned his dark power on Vexx and the boy would have surely died if not for his grandfather, Vargas' intervening. It was he who left the mortal plane instead.
That night, Vexx vowed revenge and snuck aboard Yabu's airship intending to destroy it. Fate had other plans and instead of revenge, granted him fortune in the form of the Astani War Talons. Vexx screamed as the Talons bound themselves to him forever with Astara's fate in tow.
Vexx is now the only one who can stop Dark Yabu, but to do so he must collect the beating wraith hearts to power the portals leading to other realms. Nine worlds awaits with ten hearts hidden in each.
Released in 2003 by Acclaim, Vexx had much story that had to be cut out but thankfully the game isn't heavily affected. It's filled with great music, unforgettable levels, platforming hell, and several cases of "guide dang it".

(That's all for now. /Wii typing)

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Spoiler: show
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