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 A Forbidden Underwoods Community for Mario Kart 7. 
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Post A Forbidden Underwoods Community for Mario Kart 7. • Posted: Sat Oct 06, 2012 11:51 pm
Hey, guess what? Mario Kart 7 allows people to create communities. Obviously there should be a community for our lovely Underwoods. What's less obvious, is how exactly this community should be configured.

When making a community, you must first choose an icon for it. The available icons are as follows:
(I would post the images too, but it seems that I cannot resize images manually, so if you are wondering what the icons look like you can see them here, but most are pretty self-explanatory.)

Fire Flower
Super Star
Golden Mushroom
Green Shell
Super Leaf
Red Shell
Spiny Shell
Bullet Bill
Lucky Seven
Double Mushrooms
Triple Mushrooms
Triple Green Shells
Triple Bananas
Triple Red Shells

Donkey Kong
Koopa Troopa
Metal Mario
Shy Guy
Honey Queen

Gold Standard
Birthday Girl
Bumble V
wake-up juice Jet
B Dasher
Egg 1
Barrel Train
Tiny Tug
Koopa Clown
Cloud 9
Blue Seven
Bolt Buggy
Pipe Frame

Gold Tires
Red Monster

Super Glider
Gold Glider
Peach Parasol
Flower Glider
Beast Glider

Steering Wheel

Next, the name of the Community is decided; the name can be up to 16 characters long.
After that, the rules are decided. You can decide what kind of Mode the community plays, and what items can be used.

50cc Race
100cc Race
150cc Race
Mirror Race
Balloon Battle
Coin Runners

All Items
Shells Only
Bananas Only
Mushrooms Only
Bob-ombs Only

Finally, you can make a message to share with the community. This message must also be 16 characters or less. This is basically just a little description of the Community that sits at the bottom of the Community page.

Now, I wouldn't mind creating the Community myself, but I don't feel I should be deciding these things all by myself, especially which rules the community follows. So I would like to hear everyone's opinion.

However, I do have my own opinion.
I think the Community should be called Forbidden Underwoods (The Forbidden Underwoods is too long), and the icon should be the Wood tire, because it's both fitting and silly. As for the rules, I think maybe, 100cc and All Items would be best; I'm really not sure about this one. I'm also not too sure about what the message should be; maybe something like, "Home to ACGV?"

Of course, we could always have multiple communities, one person can create up to eight and if for some reason we needed more than eight, someone else could host those.
If we were to have multiple communities, I'd suggest at least one 50cc or 100cc; 150cc or Mirror; Balloon Battle; and Coin Runner each. Perhaps for the 50/100cc Race community, all items would be allowed, and the 150cc or Mirror community would be a pro kind of setting and have no items? The Balloon Battle and Coin Runner modes should definitely use all items though.
Of course, if there are multiple communities, I'm not sure what they should be called. Perhaps something based on ACGV? Maybe have the Underwoods only represent the basic community and use other names for more specific communities?

EDIT: So the different cc types only affect the speed of the karts in community mode, so there might as well not be a separate, lower cc community. Unless someone can think of a good reason for it.

What say you? Feel free to chime in even if you don't have Mario Kart 7; you never know, you might get it in the future and want to join in on all the fun.



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Post Re: A Forbidden Underwoods Community for Mario Kart 7. • Posted: Sat Oct 06, 2012 11:59 pm
This is a little interesting, you and I had the same exact opinion on name, race speed, and items, I like the wooden wheel, but my personal preference is the leaf (I also don't have that icon available yet, as I do not own that wheel yet :P). Anyway, I like the message you left. As for battle modes, I would rather have shells rather than all of the others, mushrooms might be fun for Balloon battle, though. d:=>D

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Post Re: A Forbidden Underwoods Community for Mario Kart 7. • Posted: Fri Nov 16, 2012 7:22 pm
Since I just obtained Mario Kart 7, I think I'll chime in.

Having a community is a great idea. I have no preference for the icon. I think 100cc with all items would be best, it's pretty much middle ground- not too slow and not too fast (for those of us who are just getting started. :P). If there are more communities created, than a no item version on the higher speeds would be a fun challenge. "Forbidden Underwoods" is probably the best bet for a name, or maybe something about ACGV. The message should say something about ACGV or the Forbidden Underwoods, depending on which is used for the name itself.

So all I've done is pretty much reiterate what Anastas has already said.


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Post Re: A Forbidden Underwoods Community for Mario Kart 7. • Posted: Sat Nov 17, 2012 1:50 am
Forbidden Underwoods:



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