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 Piracy (and its repurcussions) 
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Post Piracy (and its repurcussions) • Posted: Wed Feb 04, 2009 10:37 pm
Authorities have begun to crack down on torrent sites, placing false downloads and the like onto popular sites like Mininova and The Pirate Bay in order to scare people away. The Pirate Bay is also currently going through a suit, and are giving away the information of their downloaders. Private torrent sites such as Demonoid are probably going to get hit relatively soon as well, either from the feds having previously planted torrent accounts or from somebody on the inside selling out.

Is piracy really worth making a big deal over?
Is it wrong?
Do you foresee any different ending than that which has been outlined above?
Are the punishments for piracy too severe?
What about the issue of roms?


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Post Re: Piracy (and its repurcussions) • Posted: Thu Feb 05, 2009 8:28 am
Hmm... I coulda' sworn there was already a topic on this... Oh well.

Here's my deal. Your getting music. Your not paying for it. Last time I checked, getting priced merchandise without paying was stealing, and I hold to the fact that piracy IS stealing, and should be dealt with accordingly.

Alot of people are mad because people are being sued half a million dollars over downloading a hundred dollars in illegal material, well, if law enforcement just sued people for the cost of the albums they pirated and gave people a slap on the wrist, would that make anyone feel the reason to stop pirating? Not likely.

Oh, and on the subject of ROMS. As long as you own the real game, you've bought the rights to play it, and I don't see any problem with playing it on the computer as well. . .

And. . . Yeah, those are my two cents.

PS - Kudos to DL for finally starting another SS topic :wink:


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Post Re: Piracy (and its repurcussions) • Posted: Fri Feb 06, 2009 7:38 pm
Well... first up... the music industry for example. Sure the artists make a good amount of money, but honestly, the majority of that money goes to the studios that do... what... record and mass produce the music? Now that the digital distribution age has come around, are they even necessary anymore?

Artists should just sell their music online directly to their fans. All profits of said music go back to the artist. Would I pay for that music? Of course! I'd totally support my favorite artists. Drop the middle man, and not only will prices of downloads go down, but you'd probably see a greater number of people willing to pay for that music.

This leads to the inclusion, and current ongoing debate about DRM. DRM is worthless, as it only causes the legitimate buyers of downloaded entertainment the suffering, as those who are illegally downloading these files don't have to put up with the problems DRM causes.

Rather than cracking down on people, paying for digital media should be made more convinient, with less loopholes and should be set at a lower cost. Additionally, quality of the product being sold should be maintained at an all time high (primarily with music. I'd pay money for a lossless version I can re-encode myself, but would I spend money on a lossy mp3? Not as likely). There are a lot of quality buffs out there who don't believe in the online media market for these reasons, and these people need to be considered as well.

Downloading illegally "is wrong", but honestly... until I see more aggressive pricing and better quality with media, the majority of what you can buy is pretty crappy. I'd rather buy a CD than have to deal with the crap I'd get off an online store.

As it stands with the crackdown on these sites, that's a scenario that will probably never end. As the larger sites get taken down, hundreds of smaller sites will replace them. As these sites get more users and grow, they'll go down too, with more to replace them. Will the problem ever shrink? Probably not. You would have to arrest nearly every citizen to "stop" this kind of thing.

Regarding ROMS, if you own the material, I think it's fine. If you don't, it's clearly illegal. But really, a lot of software allows us to "extract" music from a disc and put it on our computers and mp3 players, so how is an "extract" of a game you already own, placed on your computer any different? That's my POV anyways.

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