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 The story of immeasurable randomness. 
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Post The story of immeasurable randomness. • Posted: Sat Jul 03, 2010 2:05 am
This story is just for fun. Me and RL will post it up here as it goes. I put it in the RRB because it is being created in the shout box, and it is pretty random. I will edit the story, and add to it, before it is put up here. Dont worry, participants, none of your stuff will be changed.

Rules of the Great Story.
1. Any action said first counts

2. Though I am the General Dungeon Master, Rules can be made up by Tetromino, Zender, Ze, or DC. I cant make rules, after this set. (unless it is something I forgot to put on here, that i made earlier)

3. In the story there are areas. Everyone will know where they are and who the can react to.

4. After a huge amount of actions, when everyone is battling each other, there will be an occasional pause, so everyone knows that they were heard, so that everyones actions can be totalled, and so we can know where we are before the story starts again.

5. Future Plot for the story, such as certain things, cant be changed. For example, DP is the dark princess. Noone can just randomly be like *DP no longer has evil flowing through her, and she is cured* While all players have equal right to have an affect on the story, there are certain things that cant be changed.

6. No Player Characthers can be destroyed, but each player can make their own NPC,(just one) except for me DC, Tetromino, ZE, and Zender. An NPC can be used to run a store or buisness for someone, or to use as a general ally. If someone wants to make an NPC, message me. For example, RL could make an NPC for our store, so noone could rob it while we were gone. NPCs cannot be overpowerful kill everything gods, but they can be a helpful ally to you. NPCs are something that will be further discussed.

7. The main plot is subject to change.

Cthulhu, so you know, you are still a monster. You can talk now though. Tetromino can choose to deploy you whenever. You can be killed, but if you are killed you will turn back to a characther, and be alive again.

Since the story is something that I would love to see move forward, Im going to have to be around a lot. *sets up tent in the forbidden Underwoods, next to abandoned fudge lair, which is in ruins* This spot looks nice *stares at computer, and never ever ever leaves*

Each Player will get their own player page. These will have drawings (done by myself), and I will put the drawings up again and again until the player likes them. The player can tell me what they want to look like and it will be done. Any time i am not on here I will be working on these characther pages. Underneath the picture there is going to be descriptions of the characthers, what they did before, and how they ended up where they are now in the story.
Anyone who wants their page to be a certain way, message me within the next two weeks. If not I will make it how I see fit. If the player wants me to change the picture or back story after, I will do it for them. There will be a monsters page, to show all the monsters that have been in the story so far. So far, theres been spiders, citizens turned to zombies, a giant spider, Cthulhu transformed, and thats all I think. If anyone remembers any more of the monsters mssg me.
I am going to try to make this as enjoying as possible. Once I finish the characther pages, I will try to work out the best way to get them on here. I might make the pages up, and put them on a different site, with links to the pages. I think I might make a free webz and just put all the designs there. But we will see. That is all, for now.

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Post Re: The story of immeasurable randomness. • Posted: Sat Jul 03, 2010 9:22 am
Why couldn't you put this in the Role Playing Section?

Anyway, since I've saved everything, should I post it all as it is, or should I edit out the unimportant stuff?


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Post Re: The story of immeasurable randomness. • Posted: Sat Jul 03, 2010 12:43 pm
I will get ZE to move it to the roleplaying section. I would like for u to send it to me, because I was going to edit it around a bunch. Make it more story full :P But if you insist, you can do it :P If not can you message it to me? Or email it?

P.S haha didnt even have to ask thanks mysterious power for moving this :P

I spent a little time doing a few characther pictures, and even more back storys, but it seems that this has 0 popularity. It's not like I spent all that much time on it though, so I don't really mind all that much.

I ask that this topic be Lock'd though.

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