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 The Archives of Daku's Computer. @_@ 
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Post The Archives of Daku's Computer. @_@ • Posted: Mon Jul 09, 2012 12:59 am
Just a few stories I began and never finished. And some parts of stories that go to those stoires that I never finished. xD Finally found a style that allows me to actually finish, and so most of these will now forever be dropped. :P I'll put the title of the story's name and a little synopsis, then the fraction of the story that I have.

Female Dragon Slayer-
Supposed to be about a woman changing the name of women during a fictional time period where women weren't allowed to ride dragons or be knights and stuff like that.

“No!” Vyetta cried out in pain. She reached out a desperate hand towards the sky. Fierce roaring and cries ricocheted off the mountain walls. “Jyoe-de-Voe! No!” Vyetta’s loyal companion- and dragon- fought off Vyottota- his rival and sibling. They tossed and turned in the stormy night while bright lightning flashed about. Black shiny scales reflected the harsh lightning and green and golden eyes gleamed evilly in the stormy night.
“Jyoe-de-Voe! Vyottota! Please! Stop! I beg you!” Vyetta’s desperate plea called out as crystal tears fell from her ice blue eyes. But they only fought harsher. A gaping hole lingered beneath the two dragons. “Jyoe-de-Voe! Stop!” Her tears came out harder.
The two dragons fell into the gaping hole. Neither would make it out.

Jin-Jeri: Curses Behold-
A girl goes on adventure, makes new friends, blah blah blah. Her quest, to awaken the Legendary Warrior and defeat the rival kingdom lead by the evil queen.

Jin-Jeri looked around the new dimension. Everything was like a computer generated world, from the formation, to the monsters, to the structure. What was she thinking, this was a computer generated world, and inside, at the very heart, was the temple where TwilightDawn was sealed inside of, sealed inside the orb. The legend had to be true, no one had ever made it this far, because every dead body was found just outside the mountains. This on the other hand was inside a volcano. The floor started to crack open. Jin-Jeri yelped, and everyone tried to flee, while T.D. backed herself into a corner. Out from the crack came a flurry of monsters. Telekinds. Jin-Jeri thought. She slashed them with her sword, all vaporizing into puddles of blood, then disappearing. A bright light glowed from behind her. An orb floated its way over to her. It started to grow, until a human could stand into it. A human form started to take its place inside the orb. TwilightDawn, the legendary warrior who sacrificed her life to save the world! Jin-Jeri looked around for T.D., but when she found her she was walking towards the orb. “T.D. NO! DON’T YOU’LL BE CAPTURED!” Jin-Jeri yelled and tried dragging her away, but it was useless, T.D. only got up again and started walking towards the orb once more. Another shining light appeared between the orb and T.D. and the orb shattered to many pieces. Out fell TwilightDawn, and T.D. fell to the floor, unconscious.


Dark Red Leaves* (Sequal to a book long written before I ever thought of this. xP)-
Three sisters are forced to come to terms with their memories and the lies they've been told. Two of the sisters fight for their "mother" believed in, while the main character, the third sister, waits until she knows when the battle should be fought. (I'll see if I can find the summary to this somewhere... 8S )

Wet scarlet blood sparkled on the ground. All the live bodies lay on the ground, wounded and asleep. Thunder and lightning crackled in the air. Saberstar, Blackstar, and Butterflystar lay asleep and badly wounded on the dusty, bloody ground. Saberstar stirred awakened by the silence. Rain started poring down, plastering her hair to her face. The lightning seemed as bright as day. Everyone looked almost dead, if they weren’t helped, they could all die. Lightning crackled in the air and frightened Saberstar with surprise. Something else was wrong, not just the scene, but, what was it. Something wasn’t right and Saberstar couldn’t put her tough on it. Calling for her griffon, Lightningwing, Saberstar took off to find some supplies to help the wounded. Cobwebs, marigold, chervil, borage leaves, burdock root comfrey dock, some dried oak leaves, goldenrod, horsetail, poppy seeds, stinging nettle, thyme, and maybe some yarrow would do the trick. When Saberstar and Lightningwing landed back at the site of the battle, something was wrong. It was the same thing, only worse. Saberstar morphed into a tigress. The smell of a terrible sickness, blood, death, something rotting, all the worst smells coming together came at her nose like a rocket. This was not good. Evilence was still alive and well, somewhere. But at last the faint but sure smell, the smell of flowers, roses, marigold, tulips, petunias, geraniums, honeysuckle, all the sweet smells, but most of all, it gave Saberstar hope, faith, and wisdom. Those faint smells brought lots of life back into Saberstar, who in which was back in human form. Suddenly a warm breeze spread over the battlefield. The clouds parted to show a night full of stars. Grass, flowers and trees started sprouting to full size. “Uh, hhmmm,” was all Saberstar could manage. The clouds parted all the way to show a full moon. Saberstar gasped. Her kin TwilightDawn should be leaving the gathering by now, but instead had made the field of battle and war, turn into a meadow of peace, harmony, balance, hope, faith, and beauty. The sun rose, and deer, birds, squirrels, chipmunks, butterflies, and bees started playing, the trees spotted every where. And a large pond, big enough for five full sized blue whales and still have space filled the center of the land. Fish started jumping with delight, even the mountains where Height’s Limit looked greener with plant life. Everyone stirred. Their wounds somehow healed. Today was a new beginning. Something still wasn’t right, but Saberstar knew as long as the sun lived, so would this place. TwilightDawn would take care of the place. This world of magic, now peaceful, would live on forever.
Or would it…

*This is just the title of the snippet of the story.

Fields Waking* (Comes from the same place and Dark Red Leaves)-

The fields that had once been so peaceful were covered in dark clouds, small lights came on. Cannon fire. Saberfang, renamed to Saberstar for mastering fighting techniques, was watching from her favorite spot, Height’s Limit. From there, she could see anything and everything. Her sisters, Blackheart, renamed to Blackstar for mastering her spells, and Butterflyeyes, renamed to Butterflystar for mastering telekinesis, had volunteered for the battle. But Saberstar had refused, ever since the battle with Eviliny, he had walked alone and scared in grave yards, begging for help from his son, Evilence, in which refused to help his own father, so in turn, Eviliny gathered up the strongest people he could find, and took them into battle, against his own adopted son. For now, Eviliny was good, and was to stay on the side of peace forever. Saberstar had been asked to be the General of the Army, the only thing she managed to say was, “My mom was general of an army too, she was never my real mother, she adopted me and my sisters, but died in battle against your grandfather, who never left her alone.” Tears had rolled down her cheeks, and she walked away, leaving everyone in stunned silence, and wide eyes. Her black wings blew in wind, Saberstar looked up. ‘That army has no general, they need one, and I need to help,’ Saberstar thought. “Oh!” Clouds surrounded Height’s Limit. “It’s time,” a voice whispered. Saberstar remember her friend, no longer kin, TwilightDawn. They never knew each other properly, but kept up a relationship, even if they didn’t live in the same worlds, it was better than nothing. Dawn’s sweet scent wrapped around Saberstar, then as soon as the clouds came, they left, leaving Saberstar alone. Dawn’s scent still lingered, faint, but still there. A beam of sunlight broke through the clouds. The rays of light hit Saberstar, some of her abilities activated, Light Power, making her stronger, Golden Rod, allowing a powerful aura to activate when needed, and Sunshine, making all her stats rise as high as they could go. Using Solar Beam, Solar Wrap, and Solar Light at the same time, she made a blinding light come from Height’s Limit. The battle seemed to stop and stare at her, the dark clouds hovered away, as if they were scared. The light ceased, and all was silent, no more cannon fire, swords clinking,… silence. “This war is not over. Eviliny let me fight with you.” And as if Saberstar’s words were answered, and someone or something pushed her off Height’s Limit and from where she was battling in the sky, and once more, Saberstar’s life was thrown into a raging battle of sadness, anger, frustration, and love.

*Title of the snippet


The Weeping Dragon-
I totally forgot what this was supposed to be about... But here's the intro I planned on using when you would open up the cover of the book.

Tears of blood will be shed,
Blue skies turn black with hurt and pain,
Plants wilt, Lives fade to nothing,
Two will arise in the turmoil and defeat him;
The Weeping Dragon


Live: One Last Time
Here's the unfinished ending to one story I wanted to make a series. xP

The golden blade slipped silently through Terna’s torso. “Gah!” She panted as she felt the major loss in blood. Out of the corner of her eyes, she could see her commander. “Serena! Why… why are you doing this?” Terna gagged.
“It is time for your reign to come to an end Terna. You’ve been leading this clan for as long as anyone can remember. You are immortal –except in battle. The only blade you ever wanted to die by was this golden blade,” Serena replied evilly, slowly moving the blade up and down and quickly taking it out.
“I thought you were better than this!”
“I was, but your reign was too long. Now you will see from the heavens what true leadership is like!”
“I… I…” She collapsed.
“Hah! You don’t have much time left Terna. Trust me you’ll see-” a silver arrow sprouted from Serena’s chest, and she collapsed with a thud.
“Ngh…” Three young girls and a teenager appeared from the bushes.


The Last Light: Visions-
Another series I wanted to make. Like most of these other stories though, I haven't touched them in years, so I've not a clue what they're about anymore... Anyways, this is the intro.

A dream is a wish…
But not all the time…
I try to think of an answer…
But an answer never comes…
So I try to dream of it…
But still, no answer….
So all I can do for now…
Is wait…


The Last Light: Visions-
And here's the beginnings of a beginning~!

Early morning sunshine in the middle of summer, there’s nothing better than that. Sitting on fresh green grass that was cut and watered last night, with a blanket and some friends –yeah, there’s definitely nothing better in this world. Unless, of course, your friend decides to ruin it by saying that you’re in some sort of major prophecy…

“Vera! Wake up! Guess what time it is!”
“Ngh… Time to go back asleep…”
“No silly! A. its noon, B. its time to get up, and C. Well… There is no C…”
Vera sat up straight, blinking open electric green eyes and pushing back black hair. “It’s noon already!?”


Another intro. Synopsis will come in a moment.

To dream…
To wish…
To promise…
To love…
And to forget…


About two best friends who are super human and go to a super human high school. One wishes to surpass the expectations that have been set before her. With the help of her friend, she does. Each student's power is based on a level (*cough* idea from Toaru Kagaku no Railgun *cough*). The highest level that can be attained is 100. The main character's best friend happens to be the most powerful person known to man at the beginning. The main character is able to surpass the levels of her best friend and principal- she attains the level of a level 100, and proves that it is possible to go beyond 100. With that, the school quickly finds out that the government has found out about a "possible" Level 100 and want to use her for government and scientific purposes. The school then disguises the main character as level 70 (because for some reason, a level 70 isn't considered much stronger than a 65. :P ) until the corrupt government and science departments can be replaced or destroyed. (I was rather excited to work on this, but I lost my mojo with it... As you can tell, I'm not excited about finishing and telling this story at all. xD)

I’ve always been different… I’ve always known that… I just never expected it to be on this grand of a scale. It feels weird… Being the strongest person known, that is. I have to lie about my level, that’s how powerful I am. My fake level is 70, but my real level is 100. When we have mock fights, I’m always in “trouble” first, but really, it’s only the teacher telling me not to do anything higher than my fake level. I don’t know why they don’t want to release my real level. I don’ see a problem with it. Maybe the government would try to get ahold of me, and try to control me, and use me as a weapon? Nah… I’m just overreacting. But my story is unlike any other. Yeah, it takes place in high school, but how often do high schools have students with powers?

I step silently down the halls of Fushi High –the high school for people with powers. Fushi? Oh, yeah, Fushi mean immortal in Japanese. I guess you could call us immortal, but we’re really not –except for me that is. Anyways! The halls represent a mental hospital –the complete opposite of the classrooms which are so cheerful and annoyingly happy. They kids here are never dressed in uniform, even though it’s strictly says uniforms only. I’m surprised that no one’s been held back. I guess the principal scratched that rule out, to make us look more normal. The lockers are silver, but they don’t sparkle like they should. I step slowly to my locker, my brunette hair falling into my fair skinned face and emerald green eyes. Just then pranced up C.J., my best friend since Pre-school, all happy-like to her locker (which, by the way, as you have guessed, is next to mine). ‘Great,’ I thought. ‘She’s got a new boyfriend again…’ Yep, she’s dated nearly every boy in the school. We’re not the popular group, she’s just so pretty. I’ve always been jealous of her looks. I sighed and shook my head. “Some new asked you out?”
“Yep! You hit it right on the spot!”
I groaned. “Really now? I bet there isn’t a single boy in the whole school in which you haven’t dated yet.”
“Nope! This’ll be the last boy at the school.”
I shouldn’t have grabbed the water bottle in my locker and decided to take a sip at that time, for I did a spit take. “What?” I said flatly.
“Yep, Cain’s the last one.”
“I didn’t need the spit shower, thank you very much.”
“C.J., the girl with Pyrokenesis, with teleportation, the highest level as in level 65, and has amazingly good looks, has officially dated every boy in the school at least once. Oh good Lord…” I face palmed myself and shook my head sadly. “While her best friend Era, the near powerless level 35 with wimpy shape-shifting powers and the ugliest girl watches her best friend go on and have fun. How does this scenario not surprise me?”
“You’re not ugly! You’re gorgeous and everyone else is just too stupid to realize it.” I didn’t bother answering it as I put my backpack away, gathered up my belongings for class and walked off without a care in the world. I already hated this day, and the worst was still to come. We had exams, but in the way that you think.
You see, our exams aren’t those of ones you sit in a desk all day answering multiple choice questions and writing essays. No. Ours, here at Fushi High, are much more complicated. Ours test our abilities. The highest level is a Level 65 (the next highest is a level 45)- and that, would happen to be my best friend. She practices really hard with her powers every day after school. It wasn’t until recently that she forced me to be tutored (by hers truly) and start leveling up. Of course, she leveled me up, and that inspired me train at home. I forced myself into training at levels much too hard for my level. The odd thing was… they were extremely easy. I found myself pushing myself to train past that of a Level 65 with all the training gear and gizmos I had.


The Once Upon a Romeo and Juliet-
A Romeo and Juliet story really. Except with a really bad*navi* Juliet and a kick*navi* Romeo. :3 Here's the intro.

This story is not like that of any regular one…
It is not about a peasant with a wicked stepmother and stepsisters,
Who falls in love with a prince at a ball.
It is not about a princess in hiding,
Who must be awakened on the dawn of her sixteenth birthday with a kiss.
It is not about a beast,
Who falls in love with a beautiful maiden.
This story is very much different.
It is about two lovers,
So deeply in love they would die if the other asked them to.
Their love is what changed their city for the better.
Their love is what ended a feud that no longer had any meaning.
They were the white roses, lost in a sea of blood splattered black ones.
While their love was pure and simple as it ever could be,
It was also the most tragic kind.
No, it wasn’t a fairy tale.
It was much the opposite.
It was the story,
Of Romeo
And Juliet.


The Once Upon a Romeo and Juliet-
Here's the beginning. I plan to work on this a bit more before I leave it to become virtually dusty.

Her crystal blue eyes fluttered opened as bright morning light filtered in. The blue sky matched her stunning eyes this beautiful warm and sunny morning. There was not a cloud in the sky, birds chirped away happily. The young sixteen year old girl slipped out of her bed, and pranced over to the open window, waist-long black locks of hair following her. This girl was of rare beauty- comparative to that of a glistening sapphire. This girl was named Juliet.

Composure and strength- that’s what would lead him to victory, assuming he didn’t faint from the lack of oxygen he was receiving first. With a final blow, determination dancing in his deep blue eyes, the dummies around him snapped in half, became air born, and landed leaning against the walls. His master gazed upon the boy in satisfaction. As hard as he worked him, today was the day the boy had proved himself worthy of the throne. He would not disappoint the people. The master of the teenage boy called out to him, “Romeo! My Boy! You shall make your country proud!”


This just barely covers of what I have hidden in the furthest reaches of my computer. I remember a long while ago I actually deleted stuff that I knew I wasn't going to touch ever again. I apologize if some of it's just massive text blocks. Most of these can from me having to re-format them because I began to write them when I was like... Seven or Eight....

This... This is home.

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